As insane as it might seem to drop $400 on headphones, we all know that the more you spend, the better they get – hence why we don’t feel bad about investing in some Bose or Sennheiser’s, for example. But the Bower and Wilkins PX deliver something those two sets of headphones don’t quite have down entirely: premium style.

It’s not that Bose QC’s are bad-looking, by any means, but they’re not quite “stylish.” The PX are. They look as classy as something James Bond would wear, with smooth metal highlights, leather earpads over elliptical ear cups that seal in sound. They also have thick, tough ballistic nylon on the exterior of the ear cups for durability, and they fold flat for easy storage and portability.

And those are just the looks, which Bower and Wilkins isn’t even saying much about. Let’s not forget about their Active Noise Cancellation, which blocks out ambient sound while adapting to your environment, with three different filters (Flight, City and Office) that are specially tuned to deliver perfect isolation in those circumstances. There are two 40mm drive units and a range of 10-20 khz. It even digitally up-samples audio to 768khz for a better listening experience.

The PX also have something we haven’t seen before: built-in sensors that know when you put the headphones on, take them off, and either turns the music on, off, or pauses it automatically. They say it’s like an extension of you yourself.

That’s a pretty cool feature to be sure, but if you’re like us, we really just want these headphones because they look so freaking sweet. Like the Shinola Canfield headphones, they a stylish pair that could bring your outfit to the next level.

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