Bike pumps are essential tools, and ubiquitous. But with many of the cheaper ones out there, you can’t even tell if they are working half the time and getting your bike tires pumped up exactly the way you need them can be difficult, especially when you have to use finicky gauges to check tire pressure. Nicer pumps, thankfully, avoid this problem, and these days, we’re seeing the digital bike pump pick up steam.

When do you need a digital bike pump? When accuracy and precision matter. If you’re a serious racer, MTB’er or bike mechanic, that is essentially – all the time. Digital bike pumps are often accurate to within .5 to .7 PSI, giving quick and easy-to-read readouts that allow you to fine-tune your tire pressure to exactly the way you need it. For example, getting your low-pressure tubeless bike or fatbike set up just right for mountain biking can be difficult with a standard analog gauge.

So, you grab a bike pump like the Serfas FPD-200, which combines the best of a quality digital bike pump with some affordability. It has a large, top-mounted and backlit digital display that is easy to read in nearly any lighting and from angle and is calibrated to an accuracy of 1%. You can use it on both Schrader and Presta valves, and the pump base even has plastic ribbing to make it easier to grip when wearing your cycling cleats.

Serfas is one of the more trusted names in bike pumps, and you can be certain it’ll get the job done. Best of all, it’s still quite affordable. Comes in Red, Yellow and Chrome.

Serfas FP-200 Digital Bike Pump 2 Serfas FP-200 Digital Bike Pump 3