There is something very unnatural about waking up to an annoying alarm clock. That’s the beauty of camping–waking up to the sound of birds singing while the sun gradually rises. The Sunrise Smart Bed Pillow incorporates smart technology to make awakening a more natural, pleasant experience, if that is possible. Your mornings and nights will be revolutionized.

The Sunrise Pillow’s Deep Sleep technology is easy to use. Then the Sunrise Alarm it the way to start your day–the science behind this pillow will change how you sleep, how you awaken, and how you feel throughout the day. Goodbye restless nights and groggy mornings! How you sleep is only half of the equation. Nature’s sunrise isn’t just to light the way to the work in the morning. The gently rising light starts an invigorating chain reaction that’s natural and is key to being your best and feeling vibrant, every day.

Key Features of the Sunrise Smart Bed Pillow

  • Sunrise: The Smart Pillow welcomes mornings by gradually increasing light falls on your sleeping eyelids telling your body to stop producing Melatonin and begin producing the energy hormone. You will think you are sleeping in a tent as nature awakens you! The Smart Pillow allows you to control when the sun rises in your bedroom, you can eliminate fatigue, and grogginess for good.
  • Wireless Audio: You continue to control your wake-up experience by adding the sounds you wish to wake up to–your favorite music or nature sounds. These are gradually introduced as the “sun rises” in your room.
  • Smart Alarm: Amazingly, the Smart Pillow is able to detect your natural sleep cycle and knows to begin the wake-up process when you’re sleeping lightly. Your sunrise will start at the optimal time or up to 15 minutes before your set alarm time–to ensure you wake up feeling fully rested, every day.
  • Sleep Score: Have you ever wondered how certain actions affect your sleep? The Smart Pillow allows you to take control of your days by improving the quality of your nights. With the Sunrise Pillow app, your sleep trends & history show you how exercise, late nights, and even alcohol consumption affect your score, so you can perfect your sleep.
  • Blue Light Technology: Studies show that exposure for 15-30 minutes of blue light can improve productivity, alertness, and also boost your ability to sleep at night. Blue light suppresses melatonin and shifts your circadian rhythm twice as much as regular indoor lighting. Which can benefit you greatly when you want to focus and get something done.
  • Construction Materials:  All of the intelligent components are invisibly embedded deep within premium aerated memory foam. The pillowcase is made with ultra-breathable diamond-quilt fabric to maximize comfort, cooling, and airflow.

The features of the Sunrise Smart Technology Pillow are many so go over to the Kickstarter page and read on. Funding has far exceeded goals so there are many of us out here wanting a better way to wake up in the mornings.

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Sunrise Smart Bed Pillow Sunrise Smart Bed Pillow Sunrise Smart Bed Pillow Sunrise Smart Bed Pillow Sunrise Smart Bed Pillow