Carry a pen around with you everywhere you go? Makes sense.  You never know when you are going to need to write something down. But if all you’re carrying around is a pen, you’re missing out on something pretty important: something to write on. If you make an EDC pen an important part of your kit, it’s time to look for a good EDC notebook, too.

How to Pick the Best EDC Notebook

You could go down to a local office store and grab a sticky note or a small notepad; It would be a lot cheaper – but it won’t work for real EDC!

Before picking out an EDC notebook, look at these 4 factors: paper type,  size, binding, and cover material.


You will quickly find that there are a lot of different size pocketbooks to choose from. To decide which you need, decide what you are using the pocketbook for; where are you be carrying this notebook?

Some people like to carry two notebooks: a smaller everyday pocket notebook and a larger secondary notebook. You would likely put your secondary notebook in your back pocket or shirt pocket.

A larger secondary EDC notebook might be 3.75 inches by eight inches or larger.


There are three different types of binding options:  spiral, staples, or glued. Each has its own pros and cons.

Spiral binding uses just that: metal binding. These books are durable and lay flat, have many different metals and allow for thicker covers. However, they are also  heavier and bulkier. Not to mention, if you are left-handed, they can be difficult to write with.

Many EDC notebooks are stapled. Stapled notebooks are generally lighter weight than other notebooks, making them great EDC choices. They can lay flat and are friendly for left-handed people as well.

Glued notebooks can hold more pages than stapled notebooks. Plus, they are not expensive to make and are lightweight. On the other hand, if this book is used a lot, it can fall apart a bit more easily.

Paper Type

It may be difficult to choose what paper you need for your EDC notebook. However, there are a few things that you can ask yourself to help you decide which paper is right for you.

Where is the Notebook being Carried?

If you are going to carry your notebook in your back pocket, you should use a lighter or thinner paper If you are using a notebook for work, you may not care about the weight and can purchase a thicker paged book. If you are concerned about the ink bleeding through, you want heavier paper. Paper specs can get kind of technical, so just remember that lighter is better for carrying and heavier for putting in a bag.

What Kind of Writing Utensil Are You Gonna Use?  Will Be Used?

If you want to use a gel pen or even a fountain pen, you need heavier paper so that the ink doesn’t bleed through. If you are going to use a ballpoint pen or a simple pencil, you can use light-weight paper for this.


Your notebook’s cover is important, but should be the last thing that you think about. Choose between hard and soft depending on your own preferences and what fits your own needs best.

Now let us dive into some of the best EDC notebooks on the market!

Best EDC Notebooks


An EDC notebook needs to be ready for serious weather, which is why we recommend using this all-weather notebook. These little books are great for putting in your back pocket and taking them out when you need them. And yes, you can even write on the page in the rain! Avoid using water-based inks as the pen will not work on this paper.

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The paper is bright white and is a lined or standard notebook. This makes it ideal for taking notes and writing down information without it becoming a mess. It doesn’t use any chemicals in the ink, opting instead for only soy-based inks. Made in the United States and come in a pack of three!


This is great for those who travel frequently or those who just want to document their daily small explorations. It’s small, just like the best EDC notebooks, and you can carry it in your back pocket while on any adventure. There are 48 pages inside, with chart systems and plenty of space to write what you need to jot down – from date, time, and location to a little story that may come in handy.


This is a smaller version of your large classic notebook. It is only three and a half inches by five and a half inches but it is still very useful. The cover is hard, so it is durable for a lot of use, and comes with  an elastic band that helps ensure that it stays closed in your pocket. It also features an accordion pocket to put receipts, cash or any other important items inside; most EDC pocket notebooks do not have this many pages or places to store items inside.

Choosing the right EDC books is based on what you need. Take a look at the list above to decide which type of book is best for you and remember – the best one for you may not be the best one for your neighbor.