Main features of Altama Urban Assault Mid Boot:

  • Comfortable knit uppers
  • High stability sole
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Rubber toe cap
  • Zero Drop outsole
  • Excellent slip resistance

Are you tired of heavy tactical boots that leave your feet painful at the end of the day? Wouldn’t it be perfect to buy comfortable footwear for various tactical operations?

Well, to look for a solution, we scoured the world wide web and tested several models. In the end, it was clear that Altama Urban Assault Mid Boot takes the cake for versatility, protection, and durability. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s check.

Excellent Design

Altama offers a broad arsenal of high-quality tactical gear alongside a premium tactical wardrobe. But, of course, footwear is another crucial aspect of the company’s business, and Altama Urban Assault Mid Black Boot results from years of experiments and innovation.

Namely, these boots have a modern and attractive design, far from the traditional looks of the most popular tactical boots. Remember, Urban Assault boots are super-lightweight, and their aesthetics allow for excellent breathability and airflow. As expected, these tactical boots are available in several colors, but black is the most popular.

Premium Materials

As we said, Altama knows a thing or two about how to make reliable and sturdy tactical gear. So for these versatile boots, the company opted for premium materials and innovative fabrics.

For instance, the flexible knit uppers come in a combo with an anti-microbial PU foam insole. On the other hand, the rubber outsole is both sticky and abrasion-resistant. As such, it provides maximum traction but also makes the boots as tough as nails. In other words, Altama Urban Assault Mid Black Boots can survive rugged terrain and grueling conditions with ease.

Ultimate Comfort

Since we mentioned durability in the previous chapter, we should add that these boots can double as rock climbing shoes. Therefore, Altama Urban Assault is as versatile as tactical boots get.

Primarily, the integrated knit vent ensures optimal airflow around the foot. At the same time, the sophisticated Zero Drop outsole provides maximum stability and complete contact with the floor. Speaking of support, we should also mention the sturdy ABS shank that supports the foot while climbing ladders or rocks. On top of that, the molded heel counter follows the shape of your foot, removing any discomfort and reducing fatigue.

Should You Buy Them?

Breathable and comfortable, Altama Urban Assault boots are unlike most tactical boots because they focus more on city adventures. As such, these boots don’t come with heavy outsoles or super-rugged leather. Instead, you’ll get a classy boot that looks cool but also gets the job done.

Most importantly, Altama Urban Assault boots are not stiff, and they require almost no break-in period. Likewise, they will not burn a massive hole through your wallet because Altama sells its products at reasonable prices. So, what more could you need?