Clothing is an essential part of our lives–it’s with us 24/7. When it comes to t-shirts, a near perfect fit is a must. The ADAPTURE T-Shirt comes as close to perfect as you can get.

  • Quick Moisture Wicking
  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Climate Control
  • Soft Hand Feel
  • Quick Dry
  • Wrinkle Resistant

ADAPTURE has fully thought out all comfort features of the garment that rests against your skin. ADAPTURE gives you the ability to take into account your climate and environmental conditions, style preferences, and lifestyle choices. Therefore, it’s almost as though each customer is getting a custom-fit t-shirt.


Each pre-shrunk t-shirt is made of premium, extra soft, moisture-wicking fabric. The circular knit construction of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester results in an ultra soft feel. This combination ensures a wrinkle resistant appearance that is like velvet to the touch. Polyester adds to the four-way stretch so you will never feel that “bind” some t-shirts create when worn as a base garment.

Size and Fit

This is where you can get a near custom fit tee. What is your choice? Slim, standard, or relaxed. If you aren’t sure how each would fit, there is a virtual “try it on” feature on ADAPTURE website. Just put in your physical features and determine virtually what fit will work best for you. Special attention has been given to the sleeves and t-shirt body–not too bulky for those who wish to wear the t-shirt as an undergarment.

Virtual Dressing Room

Yes, try it on your body size. On the far right side of the website is a “beta try it on” link. Put in your sizes and let it do the rest. We did experience some little glitches, but again, it is in beta form now. Hope it gets to be a little smoother. And it would help if the body dimensions were in standard American units.

Style Options

ADAPTURE is focused on a high-quality tee. You won’t find beanies or wallets on their website! Simplicity is their speciality. Select from short-sleeve or long-sleeve (banded wrist) t-shirts in a variety of colors. There will be no turning back to your “old threads” once you wear an ADAPTURE.