Consider this an addendum to our Top 5 Keychain Knives. The Tactyk BLADE – currently raising funds over on Kickstarter – is a compact, slim titanium keychain knife that not only fits perfectly in your pocket, but actually looks pretty sick too, with it’s distinct, smooth tactical look.

At 2.25″ long, BLADE resembles a regular doorkey in appearance, and at only .3″ thick, isn’t much thicker – in other words, barely noticeable in your pocket and conveniently covert on your keychain. The blade itself is 1095 Carbon Steel, but housed in a solid, one-piece  CNC machined Titanium body. You can also choose a from two aluminum body options – 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 – if cost is a factor. This thing is not onlysmall and convenient, but built to last.

It’s tiny, but the blade is hard and capable of cutting anything from rope to packages and fruit. In addition, it’s made entirely in the USA.  At the moment, it’s only available via Kickstarter campaign, and expected to ship this fall.

Tactyk Blade Open Tactyk Blade Open Tactyk Blade Keychain Tactyk Blade Standing