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The Survival Gear Checklist You Must Complete Before Any Trip

Learn about the most essential items that one must carry as their survival gear before going on an expedition.


Packing a Bag for a Trip? Keep the Right Safety Gear Along

After months of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, perhaps, now you are free to roam outdoors again. Maybe, going on a little adventure to the wilderness is exactly what you need to shake off the winter blues. Having the right gear will make the difference in whether your trip will be disastrous or divine. These emergency kits can be literal lifesavers – which is a must-have when you embark on an adventure!

Planning ahead for unexpected events is critical when you go on expeditions. Whether it’s a chance encounter with a bear or torrential rain, having the right survival gear and willpower will help you escape both situations. Having the correct supplies can dramatically alter the end result of an unexpected life-or-death encounter – they are more like survival tools than supplies at that point.

Going on trips like these teaches us the value of basic life necessities like food, water, and shelter. These adventures also teach us valuable lessons on how to be self-sufficient and prepared for facing a crisis.

Top Survival Gear Items You Must Carry

While packing survival gear, you need to consider the space you have in your bag and the weight you can carry restfully. Depending on that, people tend to personalize their own survival gear. Here are some things that you must have in your kit.

Pack a First Aid Kit First

You may be laying down at night in the wild and stargazing without realizing that a thorn from the shrubs nearby have cut into your flesh, and now you are left with an open bleeding wound. If you do not stop the bleeding and cover the wound, there is a chance of severe infection, leading to amputation or sepsis in the worst-case scenario.

That is why having a first aid kit is always handy. Your kit must have bandages, antiseptic creams, allergy remedies, pain medications, insect repellents, and any prescribed medications that you require.

A Good Quality Pocket Knife

Surviving in the wilderness means you will definitely need a pocket knife. Knives are needed to cut into ropes or branches, cut open a fruit for sustenance, and sometimes protect yourself from the wild creatures. Because of the multiple purposes, your knife should be strong and made with good quality material. A Spyderco knife is perfect for outdoor adventures. Check out this link to find the best Spyderco knife to pack in your survival gear kit?

These lightweight, compact knives are easy to carry, and they are very sharp, which comes in handy when you try to cut thick branches or ropes.

Plenty of Food and Water

You may think the fruits of the wild are a pleasure that everyone desires and that nature has plenty of food to offer; however, not all of them are edible – some are even poisonous. We do not recommend you rely on wild fruits for sustenance without knowing which wild fruits are edible.

Food and water is a critical supply you must pack before venturing into the wild. It is downright impossible to survive anywhere without these, so it is a good idea to pack plenty of food and water in your kit to avoid accidentally poisoning yourself in the spirit of ‘roughing’ it and foraging in the wild.

Maps, Flashlights, and Compass

The biggest anxiety with trips to the wild is the possibility of getting lost. Having the right geographical map and a good compass will help in navigation -, although, bear in mind, reading a compass could be quite confusing.

A flashlight is an absolute must because there won’t be any electricity in the wild. While the moonlight does light up some of the wilderness, it is not always the most reliable source of light as it depends on how cloudy the skies are and what phase of the moon you picked for this adventure. This is why it is recommended to carry a flashlight to provide instant light at night.

Sleep Peacefully Inside a Sleeping Bag

To spend a nice warm cozy night and sleep comfortably, you need to have a sleeping bag with you. You can just slip into it and completely seal yourself from all sides. A sleeping bag will shield you from the elements and any tiny creatures that may try to snuggle in and share your body warmth – such as an earwig perhaps?.

It is like a portable bed that you can pack and unpack anytime you want and easily carry in your backpack.

Carry Some Money and Crucial Documents

In case of emergencies, you may need to find supplies or services nearby that you can purchase. It is quite unlikely that they would take credit or debit cards as payment, so it is better to have some physical cash with you. Carry an amount that is sufficient to last at least a week or two just in case you are stuck due to a natural disaster.

Also, carry copies of important documents such as your ID card, birth certificate, passport, or any other means of identification if you have to provide any during an emergency situation. You can carry the physical copies and have them electronically saved in your cell phone or email.

Basic Emergency Tool Kit

Have a tool kit with duct tapes, whistle, signaling mirror, camp axe, shovels, extra batteries, fire starters, and many other multipurpose tools. Always keep these tools updated and replace expired products. Also, make sure to have a backup plan ready for evacuation if you need to (in case of a crisis).

When at home, store this kit in a cold and dry place and make the location known to everyone in the house so that they can easily access it in case of any emergencies.

Extra Clothes and Cooking Utensils

An adventure in the wild means there will be rain, mud, dirt, and thorns, which means that your clothes are most likely to get wet, dirty, or torn. Keeping an extra set of clothes is essential. Along with that, you should carry portable hiking stoves so that you can cook whatever you plan on eating.

Pack Your Bag Smartly and Make the Most of the Trip

With all these items securely packed in your bag, you will not have to worry about this trip going wrong for long. With your own personal survival gear and some basic survival skills, you can now explore the wild with full freedom.

(link of picture: First Aid Kit Kits Medical Patch – Free photo on Pixabay)

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