What’s to like about the OAS Wavy Cuban Terry shirt:

  • Luxurious, sweat-free comfort
  • 100% terry towel fabric
  • Laidback button down style
  • It doubles as a towel
  • Open camp collar for a resort-ready look
  • Free shipping and free returns

Even though COVID-19 seems to be over, many are still in love with the comfort-first attitude toward clothing. For instance, terry towel fabric is back with a bang, and you don’t have to be a Big Lebowski to appreciate the coziness of this material.

So, to help you find the best terry shirts for 2022, we scoured the web and did the homework. It turned out that OAS Wavy Cuban Terry Shirt has everything you could need in a short-sleeve shirt, from excellent comfort to timeless aesthetic.

Sounds impressive? Well, it is, and here’s why.


If we are being honest, Scandinavia is not the first thing you’ll think of when someone mentions beaches, palms, margaritas, and the accompanying looks. And yet, OAS comes from Stockholm, Sweden, where it appeared in 2010.

Like IKEA and many other brands, the company’s name is an acronym, and it stands for Oliver Adam Sebastian. He is the founder and the leading man behind this clothing enterprise, and a 2010 trip to Barcelona inspired him to start a beachwear brand.

Over the years, the company grew and formed partnerships with many retailers, including Huckberry. So, you can expect speedy deliveries and free US returns after ordering the eye-catching OAS summer garb. Of course, this includes the Wavy Cuban terry shirt.


Like it or not, the terry cloth trend is running strong, both in men’s and women’s fashion. Despite its vintage vibe, terry cloth can look modern and attractive, but finding high-quality terry cloth shirts for men can be tricky. Here’s what to consider for separating the best from the rest.


Of course, everything starts with choosing the patterns and designs suitable to your lifestyle. Yes, terry cloth will work in various rotations, albeit most people will combine it with lightweight pants and dock shorts. So, check your closet to see if the new shirt will match your aesthetic.


The second aspect to consider would be the overall build quality. Flimsy and low-quality clothing is always a waste of time and money, so look for durable, high-quality models. In addition, the best athleisure brands promote sustainable manufacturing and eco-friendly materials, so keep an eye on these elements as well.


Last but not least, we advise glancing at the price to avoid overpaying your new terry cloth shirt and saving money for tasty, pool-side margaritas. After all, many high-end athleisure brands sell their garments at higher-than-average prices. So, adjust the search to your budget and find several terry shirts to compare and find the ideal model.


The Wavy Cuban model is not the only terry-toweling shirt in the OAS catalog, but it attracts plenty of attention from gentlemen worldwide. As expected, the timeless polo silhouette offers excellent versatility and flexibility, making these shirts a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe.

Short-sleeved polos made from terry cloth fabric promise the ultimate coziness, and the same goes for the fancy OAS Wavy Cuban shirt. In essence, you’ll feel like wearing a five-star-hotel bathrobe 24/7. But don’t worry, you’ll look way cooler than The Dude.


As the name implies, the Wavy Cuban terry shirt draws its inspiration from dance floors in Havana and the sandy beaches in the Caribbean. And even though it has a vintage look reminiscent of the 1970s, this shirt meets the old and the new by introducing new materials and technologies.

The relaxed fit is ideal for lounging poolside and sipping cold drinks. At the same time, this comfy shirt, with its laidback design, can be a perfect option for late-night walks by the beach or a visit to a local club.


We already mentioned the qualities of the super-soft terry fabric, and it’s no surprise to see it making a massive comeback. OAS jumped on the bandwagon and joined many athleisure brands by offering a collection of extra-cozy terry shirts, including the Wavy Cuban model.

Moreover, the striking OAS Wavy Cuban terry shirt only features high-quality cotton. There’s no polyester in this shirt. For that reason, this short-sleeved model will give a sweat-free, comfortable experience and become your vacationing essential.


Again, the essence is in the name because the Wavy Cuban shirt has a self-explanatory one. After all, it features waves and a Cuban-themed aesthetic. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

The waves also might remind you of the Japanese drawings and representations of the ocean. In any case, vacationing jet-setters will wear this shirt proudly, given that it offers a resort-ready style and an open camp collar.

OAS and Huckberry offer four Wavy Cuban terry shirt sizes (M, L, XL, and XXL), allowing you to choose the ideal model. Remember, leave some room for the terry cloth fabric to breathe, and don’t buy too tight shirts regardless of how much time you’ve spent in the gym.


OAS manufactures its products in several locations, and the Wavy Cuban terry shirt comes from Portugal. As a result, the waiting time is short, and you can expect a speedy delivery within the US.

On top of that, OAS offers free shipping and free 60-day returns for US customers. So, if you change your mind and decide you don’t want to look cool for the summer, OAS will take the product back, no questions asked.


Terry towel polo shirts are a must-have in 2022, and that’s why the beach-themed OAS Wavy Cuban terry shirt could be a worthwhile investment for many modern gentlemen. If you combine this shirt with terry shorts, the comfort levels will shoot through the roof. Ready to give it a go?