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The Primus FireStick Is Camping’s Latest, Greatest Camping Stove


Primus, a Swedish company, is one of the outdoor world’s oldest outfitters. They’ve been around since 1892, creating top-quality and reliable stoves and other mountaineering gear that has been taken to some of the world’s most extreme places; Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay were carrying a Primus when they first scaled Mt. Everest. This legendary gearmaker has just unveiled their newest camping stove – the FireStick – and we think it’s going to shake up the outdoor stove scene in a big way.


The Primus FireStick is a cylinder stove, a mere 4” long and weighing just 4 ounces. It comes in two models – Steel and Titanium. They cost $90 and $120 respectively. It’s sleek and compact…popping open to reveal a modern take on the classic cylinder stove, with a windscreen that doubles as pot support and a shell to protect the burner when packed away. The burner is even recessed to protect the flame from wind.

Compact and stylish, the FireStick is still powerful – pumping out 8530 BTU from a “narrow flame” that’s designed to hold up well to high winds. That’s enough to create any number of hot, steamy meals out in the backcountry.Primus-Firestick-2

The FireStick isn’t out yet, but Primus aims to ship in March 2020. They’re billing it as “the stove that fits in any pocket,” and while most cylinder stoves will…none of them promise the smooth, sleek build that this one does. Slide it into its custom wool storage pouch and pop it anywhere in your gear.

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