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The Primus Kuchoma Is A Portable Propane Grill For Camping


We might have found the best way to do some real backyard grilling around the campsite – the Primus Kuchoma. Primus equipment is considered some of the best in outdoor cooking, has been tested and proven on a variety of demanding expeditions dating back to 1892, and it doesn’t look they’re slowing down any.

Primus gear might usually be geared toward Alpine ascents and Antarctic Adventures, but the Kuchoma Grill serves a slightly less glamorous (but not any less noble or important) purpose: grilling the best camp food possible – food that looks and tastes just as good as it would grilled up on your 4-burner propane backyard barbecue.

The trick is simple, actually: it’s a portable and lightweight double-burner stove, constructed out of sturdy stainless steel and weighing in at 9 pounds. There’s a non-stick grill grate that makes cooking easy and is easy to clean, and you can even stick it (or the removable drip tray) in the dishwasher. A domed lid traps more heat in for faster, better cooking, and you can fuel it with any standard 16-ounce propane canister, too. Further features include a Piezo-ignition, so it doesn’t even need a match to light, and a stainless steel propane hose, so it’ll last years to come (thanks Primus).

That’s it, really; fire the Kuchoma up and throw on some burgers, brats or whatever you’re serving up around the campfire, and they’ll cook up just like in any old propane grill. When you’re ready to pack up and move on, simply fold up the legs and put it in the back of the car; it’ll go anywhere you can, bringing the power of good grilling wherever you want to go. And considering Primus’ bulletproof reputation, we imagine it’ll last you years of regular grilling to come.

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