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Pre-Trip Planning – Ouchita Mountains, Great Friends, and Good Gear


Pre-Trip Intro

Man, this is a great song. That’s great. So if I get to become our official intro song, where did we find the song at? This man named Brett over to the house. Just did a little [inaudible]. What are the chances we can get away with playing this on our podcast without paying him royalties? I think pretty high. I think the debt has been paid. We don’t have to talk about that, but I could not be more excited about this podcast. So pretty mom and I will give you each one guessed as to why I’m super excited, so excited because next weekend we’re going camping. Not even next weekend, three relays, three days away. Oh my. I have so much work to do. You have a lot of work. Yeah. So in three days we leave for our 16th annual when 16 the first trip was 2004 and it’s 2020.

I think I did my, how is it 2020 already? That’s a whole other conversation. I can’t believe it’s 2020. Yeah. Yeah. So we’ve been doing this, this camping trip for 16 years. It started probably our freshman year of college and it originally was a Thanksgiving, a Thanksgiving break, Annual camping trip. And then maybe right after college it became like between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then schedules got even busier and it ended up being like a January trip. But it’s like the last 10 years. Nah, 10 years. Yeah. But the last 10 years it’s been a January camping trip and it’s what 10 of us. We’ve all known each other for 10 plus years. Well tell us what you brought to tonight, Jeff. I’m excited about this. So my buddy Daniel, who’s my neighbor, he owns gear for life. It’s a, it’s a everyday carry sort of outdoor gear website and it has all Kal flashlights and pocket knives and all kinds of cool stuff, but gear for life.

Gear We’re Taking

And so he gave us some stuff to test out this weekend. So he actually owns a Fenix flashlights store, so I think it’s www.Fenix-store.com. How do you spell that? F E N I X, not the city of Phoenix, www.Fenix-Store.com. With a dash. We call Jeff Fenix sometimes. I’m really, this is a side and I didn’t know that. What’s the story behind that? Is my HALO name, Fenix. We all had to come up with our, our Halo names back in the day. Fenix law. Fenix law. It’s an alter ego. It’s a game. Nope, that’s me. Oh, okay. Yeah. So my buddy Daniel so he, so he’s got a company Fenix Store, and he also has www.gearforlife.com. So it’s a great website. We can go look for the coolest, newest EDC gear for guys. Basically. It’s got all kinds of outdoor adventure gear.

It’s got like some whiskeys and some bourbons. It’s got everyday carry stuff, flashlights and wallets. But he’s got some gear that he needs to be like field tested and then reviewed. And so I, I messaged him a couple of weeks ago and told you guys about it. I said, Hey, I’ve got a group of guys, we go on this adventure trip once a year. Do you have any gear that needs to be tested out? And so anyway, he gave me some Fenix brand flashlights. So we’ve got headlamp and flashlights and lanterns. And so we’re gonna, we’re just gonna test them out. We’re going to view them this weekend. And I’m excited because I haven’t used Fenix brand before. For me personally, what I love is this headlamp and we will we’ll have links on the podcast so you can go check these out and see all the specs and everything.

Fenix Flashlights

But this is the first headlamp that I have ever seen that is a rechargeable like one rechargeable battery. No more for AAA. Yeah. Batteries and waterproof, waterproof, rechargeable, bright and USB-C. Which USB? C. So it’s not like behind the times, like this is cutting edge. It’s cool. It’s got dual lights. I mean, I could read all the specs, but it’d be easier just to link you to to the website, which we’ll do. But here’s my biggest pet peeve about headlamps. I love flashlights and I love headlamps because of all the trips. We were always almost more active at night than we are during the day, whether it’s hiking or night kayaking or you know, driving off road trails or how did the sand dunes or whatever. We’re always out at night and I hate holding a flashlight. Headlamps are just the way to go. Even cooking around the campfire headlamps are the way to go.

What I don’t like is we go on a trip, I put brand new batteries in my headlamp and I use the headlamp all weekend. [inaudible] Come back from the trip, put all my gear away. A couple months later we go on another trip. So I’m packing, I’m packing my gear. I grabbed my headlamp, turn off all the lights cause that’s how I can test how bright it is. I turn on the headlamp, I’m like, okay, it’s super bright so we turn the light on, it looks great. I go on the camping trip and within an hour of the first night, the light just starts to fade because the dang AAA or AA batteries just, there’s, there’s no way to know the charge of, of, of batteries that you’ve used for a weekend. So I’ve, I’ve probably thrown away perfectly good batteries just to put new batteries in my headlamp because I don’t want my headlamp to die in middle of the night.

And this tells you this flashlight. I’m just going to say, okay, here’s the, here’s the item number. It’s the H M six five R Ooh, exciting. The Fenix HM65R. Here’s what I love about it. It actually has like a battery life light on it. I think it has like a, I turned it on earlier. I think it was like four little squares, right? Bars. Bars. Yeah, that’s the word. Yeah, that’s squares. Bars. Anyway, I just liked that because if you’re ready to go on a night hike and you’re like, Oh crap, should I charge this real fast before I go, it’ll tell you how much it is. So I’m super excited to use this. I call dibs on the headlamp. Okay. Because I’m the one that got it. And then John got a small everyday carry, little teeny tiny flashlight, flashlight, but it fits in your pocket.

Right. And then Keith gets the big old handheld spotlight, which is a bad idea, Keith having that. We’re going to be up all night because of this guy. But you know what’s awesome about this flashlight for you, Keith? It comes with red and green filters. I’m not sure why, but there’s going to be a party in my tent. Here’s what I love, because in addition to talking to Daniel and I went over to his office today and I, I picked this stuff up. In addition to that, on my lunch break, I did a little bit of research yeah. On what we talked a little bit about last week. Bigfoot [inaudible] the a, what is it? The wood, I think it’s called. It’s a wood. Ape wood. Okay. So heard that. So, and this, I’m generalizing, so don’t fact check me on this. I believe that, Oh Southeast Oklahoma is the third most sightings of Bigfoot in the last 40 years since the 1970s.

Sorry, keeping track. So I text you guys earlier this link, but there is a website that everybody should check out and it is wood, ape.org. Okay. It’s the North American wood ape can service Conservancy. Conservancy. Hmm. It’s a big word. It doesn’t matter. The website is what? A.Org, but it’s a group of professionals. These are like, and I read about it today. These are like ex air force former paramedics, police officers, business owners, respectable people. Tom from blink one 82. Oh, don’t get me started though. And I will tell, I will go down a rabbit hole. I would say that a wood ape in my mind is a little bit more believable then a Tom Delong’s UFO theory. Nope. I believe it, but, but, but, but who knows? All I’m saying is we have a great opportunity this weekend to go down to a hachi town, Oklahoma broken bow Deaver’s bend, which is where we’re going on this trip.

Ouchita Mountains

Yep. Tall mountains, Ouchita mountains. I said, yeah, Ouchita mountains. And first of all, explore a beautiful part of Oklahoma, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of Oklahoma. A Ouchita, mountains, old, ancient mountain range, lower mountain fork river, gorgeous crystal clear trout stocked river. But I think we might, we got to get a chance to at least hearing something that sounds like big foot. Finding some tracks. They also have a bears down there. Well, they got bears and rattlesnakes. Yeah. But, and foxes and owls and Wolverines. But this, when I look at this, this this Fenix flashlight for you, Keith, the big handhelds Polly that just screams, keeps going out one night looking for Bigfoot. That’s true. I don’t know if he’s sensitive to light, so maybe that’s what the green or red filters could be four. Could be.

Yeah. But we’re going to, we’re going to check it out. I have my machete ready to go. The other thing that we have besides the rechargeable everyday carry small Fenix flashlight, which is part of the big foot hunt on Thursday night. Yes, it is. Yeah. the Fenix headlamp the spotlight is, and this is the only thing I wish this was rechargeable. Yeah. Me. But it’s a three AA batteries. AA is not bad. Better than AA beats AAA. I love that thing. It’s awesome. The size of like a small potato, small potato man. It’s a lantern. It’s a 300 little Bluetooth speaker. Yeah. Yeah. A little tiny [inaudible] 360 degree, a little Fenix for your tent downward finding, a firing lights to and front firing lights. So depending, it has a whole bunch of different modes. This thing is awesome and I think I want to get some good footage this weekend of just the different ways that you can use this.This is a cool little lantern. It puts off so much light for how small it is. Perfect for your tent at night or in my case, because I’m going to sleep in my car. Perfect for my car at night. Why? Okay. I have had lamps or lights inside dad. I will take my tent actually has in the very middle of little clip. Oh, mine does too. Oh, so I guess Hey, we can each, we’ll be there Thursday, Friday, Saturday night. We’ll each take a night. I have one of those, but different. I mean, it ain’t, I’ll tell you this, it in the school, it is not cool. And why we’re reading it turns red. If you double click it or whatever you did, triple click, your little triple click. Yeah. Again, we’ll link to all this. Yeah, I’m gonna write a nice, fancy a review about this too.

So I’m excited. I’m a just a sucker for stuff like that, too. Little gadgets. And what I love about, about headlamps or just flashlights in general, they’re one of the most practical camping necessities. I mean, pocket knives are awesome. I use my pocket knife every time I go. But you could go camping technically without it. You just can’t go camping without light, not have a white light. You lose light and you’re in the middle of nowhere and you’re done. So I’m excited to try all these. So anyway yeah, Fenix lights. And so that’s a from my buddy Daniel gear for life. Anyway. So the, the thing that I thought you were going to talk about next was not that, but yes. So do you know, look me up with something else unexpected. This was unexpected. I’m very excited about this. So in addition to everyday carry gear outdoor gear, you know, a lot of like just cool guy stuff is they also highlight some good spirits and whiskeys and bourbons.

Oak and Eden Bourbon Whiskey

And so he also gave me, and this was very generous of him, a bottle of Oak and Eden handcrafted whisky. So Oak Eden is the brand. And this is cool. I have not seen this before and maybe I’m pretty excited about what’s inside. Maybe it exists, but I have not seen it before, but this particular one is their bourbon and spice. But what’s cool about Oak and Eden is they take a basically a spiral cut stick of Oak and they either smoke it or they lightly char it. And I think the way that they that they word it is that it’s it’s like bottle finished. Let’s see what it says here at bourbon and spice. Bourbon whiskey finished with a toasted Oak spiral. So they bottle the whiskey or the bourbon in the bottle and then they dropped this Oak spiraled stick in the bottle with it and it finishes its aging.

And it’s a flavor profile in the bottle, which is very cool. And I’m assuming the reason why they spiral cut the Oak stick is to increase the surface area. Yeah, definitely. But I am very excited. I have not heard of Oak and Eden before and I’m always looking for great craft distilleries or breweries or whiners or whatever. I just really appreciate the the the craftsmanship on something like this, but which is sort of the in Texas, that’s what does it say it does, it says it’s bottled in Lewisville. Oh, yeah, Texas. Yeah. Well, there you go. So I’m, I dunno if I’ve seen this before in like stores here. I haven’t seen it. Not, I haven’t seen it. So the guys at Oak and Eden sent a Daniel a couple of bottles to test out and just do a good review.

So I’m excited to review it. I I, I just think and I’m also a sucker for, for branding and labeling and really well done and we’re going to get some great photos of this bourbon out on the, on the, on the trip with your new iPhone 11 pro that I’m wanting to, you’re getting tomorrow. I’m rocking the iPhone seven with a cracked camera lens. So anyway, I’m, I’m excited about this. The other thing that I want to say about Oak and Eden’s website, I checked him out today and they’ve got a recipe tab on their website, right? So like, well go check out the recipes and I found a recipe for a drink that I think we should try on our trip. Okay, so you scroll down. So their website is Oak and eden.com. And if you scroll down, they’ve got a great recipe for an old fashioned and everyone, every, every bourbon and whiskey distiller has to have an old fashion.

They have got a drink that I think is perfect for this. It’s called the campfire sling. Ooh, it’s a two ounces of their rye. We don’t have the ride. We’ve got their bourbon, so we’re going to use their bourbon. Okay. A quarter ounce of pure maple syrup, three dashes of chocolate bitters, which if I can find chocolate bitters before we go, we’ll use, if not, I’ll have to figure out a good substitute for chocolate Hershey’s kids that’s downstairs. We’ll throw those in. I was thinking maybe even like a little, a little splash of like cold brew. It wouldn’t be the same, but it would give it kind of restrained from that recipe a little bit. Well, okay. And then you just do a little burnt orange twist as a garnish, kind of burn the citrus oils a little bit. But if I can find chocolate bitters, if not, I just think bourbon maple syrup with some orange.

Yeah, that’d be great around the campfire, but they call it their campfire sling, so we might make that on Thursday night. Nice. Anyway, and then the last thing about their website that I really liked is they’ve got a section on their website and it is called trade stories. So they highlight other craftsmen and people that do like trade skills. They’ve got farmers that grow like hops and grains for a craft beer. They’ve got a highlights on vineyards, musicians, brewers, some surfers, farmers, guys that are like salmon, fishers, fishermen up in like Alaska. And they just highlight their story and the photos are beautiful. The stores are beautiful. So I just, I even tried to whisky it, but based on their website and their packaging, I appreciate this company along. So Oak and Eden and then a Fenix flashlights, those are our, those are our brands that we’re going to go test this week in the, in the wild mountains of the Ouchita. [inaudible]

Pretty excited about that. So I am, I’m super excited. So we’ll have more about that next weekend or next Monday after we get back from our trip. We’ll let you know what we think. So on top of that, we just got the, the basics of talking about playing and, and going on this trip. I packed on Saturday, already packed as well. I’m not a backpack ready to go now. I will say the reason that I packed on Saturday was they actually went out to my tool shed to just reorganize my tool shed. But I keep all my camping gear in my tool shed. And so also your chicken coop, right? No, I’ve got, I’ve got a tool shed and a chicken shed, so okay. Anyway I was I was cleaning out my tool, I was reorganized my, my, my tool shed and then I got to the, the shelves with all my camping gear.

So then I just started organizing my camping gear and I have a camping tote and I’ve got, I’ve got crap that I have brought on every single camping trip for the last decade that I’ve never used. And I, and I had to just go, you know what? Today’s the day that I just minimize, I took so much crap out that I never use. I wanted to make my, my camping totes lighter and just more efficient. I’m never bringing my air mattress. This here. Oh well I’m sleeping on a self, a self inflatable camping mat. Two of them though, but a dominant double them up but no more full size air mattress. They got blow. I did that two years ago. I went from two totes to one tote. I’m surprised [inaudible] your tent is, is a hobo T. It has so many holes in it for an ass. [inaudible] You have flyers?

Camping Gear

My tent, my tent is fine. It’s the rain fly. Yeah, the rain flies torn to pieces. But I just use tarps. I’m like, I hope that there is somebody that listens to this podcast. Is, is really looking for good tips about how to winter camp because here’s a great tip and this is from experience. Okay. I haven’t always used air mattress. I just started maybe like five years ago. I will say that if you’re going to go camping in weather below 40 degrees, an air mattress is not, your boat will be so cold. A good idea. And the reason is you can put as many blankets on top of you as you want when you have a pillow of air beneath you and it’s going to just take all of your body heat and disperse it. You’re basically warming up the air in the air mattress and it’s going to take away your body.

You also don’t have any ground warmth. The last five years I had been so cold from like the underside of me I’ve got, I’m in, I’m in two sleeping bags and I’ve got blankets on top of me, but I’m cold from the bottom and I think this year is the year that I tried to just go back to a self-inflating foam camping mat on the ground because air mattresses just aren’t, I don’t, I don’t like them little bit. Keith has this super judgmental look. Oh yeah, you’re just doing it wrong man. Keith plugs his heated blanket into his Jeep and camps right outside of his Jeep. No, I actually have a, a device now that I held. I don’t put a propane heater in your tank. Like CFO who caught his car, his sleeping bag on fire from a, no, it was two years ago. How was there?

I didn’t see it was last year. No, it was two years ago. Was it Gruber? Oh, it was last year. It was at the Wichita’s. Yeah. He literally melted his nylon eight. Here’s the thing, it’s not funny because it very quickly could have been a life or death situation. [inaudible] Tip number two, do not put a propane heater in your tent ever for any reason. No. Steve-O and Nate both did the last year. Nate got lucky. His didn’t catch on so fast. A tent could go up in flames every same. Every component of a tent is made to melt. Yeah. no. So what I do I, I don’t put it on the Jeep anymore. I plug it into my tent. I have a battery pack in there. Oh. And so you plug the electric blanket and the battery pack, wrap your body in it sleeping bag on top, coat on top.

Hotchatown, Hotchatime

Well you don’t warm. I think that works better than whenever you turn your Jeep on with the heater and then sleep outside your Jeep. Yeah. Which has happened before, but I want you to just just a short backstory on where we’re going. Okay. I know we’ve, we’ve talked about a lot, but just in case anyone was like taking notes, like, okay, no, I really want to go where these guys are going. Here it is. Beavers bend state park. Yeah.


Down right South of broken bow Lake. Not to be confused at broken bow the town. It’s actually closer to Hochatown, which shameless plug for somebody that is not sponsoring this website at all, but maybe we’ll get a free hat after this. There’s a great brand in Hochatown It’s sort of a lifestyle brand. If you’re familiar with Fayettechill out of Northwest Arkansas.

This is Southeast Oklahoma lifestyle brand Hochatime. I’m going to stop by their store in Hochatown, but they’ve got gray hats and shirts and all kinds of stuff. Anyway, I say all that to say beavers bend is a in the middle of the Watchtower mountains off the Telemundo drive, right? [inaudible] South. So tell me to tell me in a scenic byway goes East and West and it’s probably another 45 minutes North, Broken Bow South, but the mountain fork river, which it was damned to create broken bow does run through that area. But yeah, you’ll, so you’ll go South of the telomeres scenic byway. Now the 45 50 minutes down to beavers bend, but again, this is it. We as a, as our, as a group have not been down there before. So this will be our first time camping as our annual winter camping trip.

Camp Spots

But I’m hoping to get a good, a good campsite right on the bank of mountain fork. Now there’s two campsites that I am really hoping that we can snag. What I like to do is I’d like to try to find a camp site that’s at like the end of a road, sort of the dead end because we kinda like to overtake that area and spread out and kind of have some space. And that’s one reason why we go in January is I, I don’t really like camping around a lot of other people. I like feeling like we’re kinda out in the middle of nowhere. The problem with beavers bend is, in my opinion, the best campsite is located in one of the RV campsites and there are more RV campers in January than there are tent campers. So I’m a little worried that there’s going to be a lot of RVs in this section.

But then there’s another area that’s, I’m sort of at a dead end on the North side of the park that is just a tent site. So we’ll try that one second. But anyway, I’m excited to go try it. I’m already packed all I got to just go buy my food. So, Hey, are we going to do that annual thing where we all go to Walmart? And split and then just like pack our own. We usually do this right? Yeah, we used to do that all the time. Well me and Nate usually still do that. I am calm and Caleb usually does it to do on Wednesday. My plane, I’ll be going on Wednesday cause we gotta decide what time we’re going. We’re going. I thought we were leaving like 10:00 AM I don’t know. Probably them is Caleb cone with us. Maybe. How do you fit?

Okay. How do you fit all three of you people? [inaudible] Plus your gear, the bed. A two door Wrangler that has had the backseat removed. We’ll put the backseat. But again you can go in. Yeah. So, but you don’t have a roof rack [inaudible] space in the back. That’ll be fine. Actually if you’re going to take anybody, John and Caleb are the ones, they’re the, like the, the, the lightest Packers. I do a one back. Oh, I’ll probably do two backpacks with my gear and that’ll be it. I will, I’m going to tick the Jeep on a test drive tomorrow. Oh, good luck. Because I’m so worried about this, that that is the biggest worry is just getting there. Here’s the deal. Whatever route you take [inaudible] I will take that route. On the off chance, you’ll find the cell there. Find you on the way down.


Nope. I haven’t us an off road trail instead of the main streets. Right. There’s the, the thing is is there’s not a direct sorta like by like a dirt road by white. Okay. Honestly, taking the highways going to be your best bet. Even if you have to drive 55 miles an hour because the dirt roads, it would, it would take you, it would take you 20 hours. Yeah. Driving all these like mountain roads that they’re basically just like unkempt dirt roads that at one point in history had been cut out by the logging industry to get to different areas to go logging or potentially maybe some newer dirt roads that were put in for power lines. Who knows what’s there now, who knows what’s there now. Okay. So I would just take the highway streets. I would take, I think Saturday should be the trail riding day where we go to the public lands area, the U S forestry land, and we go do some, some dirt, some dirt roads, and we’re leaving Thursday, right? Yeah. Golly. I’m going to drive it to work during this. That’s a two mile drive.

Then I’ll probably drive it home two miles. So. So you’re telling me how your Jeep can make it? I’m working back. You’re going to take it three hours away. Well, here’s the deal. This weekend I drove around the block. Okay. Take your truck. Just take your time. No, no, no, no. I drove around the block. I backed in, but apparently my sleigh bar, you’ve never attached to sway bar? No, but I guess, I dunno, it came disconnected anyway. Hit the wrong spot. So the bar that goes all the way across it moves now. Gotcha. I don’t know if it’s supposed to move. So I need to call South. Here’s got on the highway, the issue here. So you know how we never connected to sway bars because we’re fine. We’re driving around, not on the highway. No, no. So whenever you don’t connect you sway bar, what happens is all of that, you know, with the sway bar usually does get, it gets transferred over to the, to the little grommets and like little bushings and stuff.

So the bushings wear down. That’s what happened to mine. The bushings finally wore down. Now I’ve got a wobble. The only time you disconnect your sway bar is when you are going trail riding. When you’re done, you reconnect him. Yeah. Oh I did. I mean it was in Colorado and then it was trailer back and I just drove around like to work in back with it disconnected. Yeah. Not that big of a deal. That is what we’re saying. You need to connect your sway bar, therefore reason, well it’s connected now. Okay. So we will see. So the one of the main thing I’m excited about a lot about this trip. I think the two main things that I’m looking forward to are going to be the hiking trails and our backpacking. Like a whole day. Yeah. A backpacking trip or do that an eight mile loop. [inaudible].

Camp Food

Hopefully you can do it in five hours. The other one is the food. We’re going to cook and we’ve talked about Saturday night. The goal would be to catch trout. I’m getting my F I got to go to Walmart. You can get a weekend fishing license at Walmart, not Walmart. I would love to catch trout, but on the off chance that nobody catches any fish, we’re doing a who decided at one point in life that we have to have a license to catch a fish that is a hole. I’m just, I’m just asking. I don’t know, but I’m not happy about it. Yeah. God gave us those fish. Who are you to tell me that I can’t get one? Who’s bringing rods? I’m bringing Noah’s rod, which is Spiderman, a Spiderman, a miniature Spiderman with some yellow rubber worms. I think Steve-O will be the only person with an actual, like Tacklebox they would have a rod.

Well, I, I’ll bring an Elsa rod for you cause thank you. Thank you. Okay. I have an Elsa rod as well. So and, and Steve O could give you his doc. Daddy. Keith, you can use your like CB antenna on the back of your, there you go. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not, I don’t have high hopes of catching trout, but it is, it is stocked in January is a great time to, to fish. They’ve got rainbow and Brown trout. So what’s plan B SLAs? What we’re actually doing. Well, Saturday night is the night that we would do a fish fry, but we’re already planning on the shrimp boil. So if we catch fish it’ll go along with the shrimp boil it just pop them in there. Oh no, Keith, no, you’re not going into another shrimp boil. The other thing is I’ll ask your hobos by the way.

Thank you hon. That’s good. I’m working my way back Saturday night and we’ll work our way. I’m also bringing the cup of ramen because every once in a while I just won’t boil some water and make a cup of ramen on a camping trip. Friday night is going to be what I’m excited about. Where do Philly cheese? Steak sandwiches. So I’m going to do, I’ll buy the steak, the peppers, the onions, the cheese, and the buns. I’ll bring all that and we can all just pitch in on on the cost. I want to talk about your hobo that we’re going to do on Thursday night because you’re going to bring the big aluminum tray and it’s going to be a communal hobo. We’re not doing individual foil packs, right? Right. Or is the first time I’ve heard was the big tray just for you. I don’t know what, what do you guys want?

I want you to cook us your famous. Don’t Dar throw everything into it and you really want that on, on Thursday. Yeah. That’s going to be a lot of onions in there. There’ll be, here’s what you need to do. There’ll be onions, apples, blueberries, grapes. Oh, there’s going to be sausage. There’s going to be beef. There’s going to be potatoes, carrots, celery, the celery celery’s now. Oh, you like it. Okay, so what are you going to do on Thursday for dinner? I’ll do the same thing. Everything just minus the seller. You, Willie, if you eat altogether, you, I promise you, you won’t even notice in the why do it.

How do you say? I’m saying if he doesn’t like celery, he could still eat your hobo with celery and no, I wouldn’t sell them. Okay, fine. I’ll eat your hobo. Okay. I’ll bring extra ramen. Okay, well boil some water. Make you some ramen. You put like ketchup and stuff in there too. No, I put ingredients. Oh, like seasonings. Sorry. So vague. What kind of seasonings? How you got your Cajun? You got, I don’t know. There’s about eight different ones that I put in. Yeah. Serratia is part of that. It’s good though. I mean you just mix it all together. Nickels, relish, mixing pixel, pixel, holiday pillows like grapes and blueberries. That’s just like, all I’m saying is nothing that Keith ever does makes any sense, but for some reason tastes great. It tastes great. It’s his real good. After midnight, you make good food. I do make good.

Thank you. I agree. I make good. That’s why I said I would love for you to go ahead, bring your premixed. You want me to big? Yes. For for, for Thursday night for sure. So what I can do is I can cut everything up, have it ready. Ziploc bags. Yes. And then mix it all in. Cause I don’t wish to drive when you do hobos, do you, if we start, if we start a campfire, maybe I can bring it all in the pot. Don’t just bring it, bring it in. Ziploc bags. We’ll put it in the aluminum pans. Yeah, I’m going to bring it back of charcoal. Just in case. But what I would love to do is start a fire and then be able to scoop hot coals out from the fire. And I bought cause I, I needed one for years.

I bought one of those, the cooking, camping, cooking grates. Yeah. We can just set that down. And because you don’t want the hobos to be above flames because then the bottom just gets burned. Right. So if we scoop out the coals, put a nice hot bed of coals and just let it slow cook. So I’m going to bring, cause I think Steve-O has a cooking. Great. But he’s not going to be there on Thursday night. So I bought one. So I’ll bring that and we’ll just do a pan of that and then we can also grow broths and it’ll, it’ll be great. Do you want to hear something sad about starting a fire? You’ve never started a fire? No, not that. So you know how a few years ago you told me take all like the Linton stuff from the dryer. Okay. No here. So listen, I got a 10 liter, a trashcan to put by my dryer and I’ve been scraping it all year.

All the lint fill that entire thing up. Two days ago, Christina threw it away. Oh my God. I was thinking to you this whole year in the mantra thinking we are going to have unlimited Firestarter. And I looked in there today and it was all gone and I was like, what happened? Like I threw it away. I was like, no, that’s one of the best fire starts as you just collect lint, dryer, lint trap. Yeah. And just stuff it into Ziploc bags and then when you go camping, it’s the best stuff. Yeah. I have some left and I’ll bring it, but I don’t have my entire trust. I’m going to do a ton of laundry between now and Thursday and get, collect as much land as I can. All right. So so on on Friday morning, a lot of the guys are going to show up probably around noon.


So I say we do a quick, there’s like a two mile loop trail. We’ll do that Saturday or a Friday morning. Okay. And then Friday afternoon we’ll do the long eight mile and I’m, we’re going to do two mile and eight mile on the same day and miles I’m going to be fit. We don’t have to do the two mile. We can just wait for when to show up and do the, wow. That’s probably a bad idea or not. Yeah. I’m bringing, I’m bringing a drone. I’m bringing a gimbal. I’m bringing little iPhone lenses. Yeah, little iPhone microphone, like all sorts of things. Are we going to, are we going to do a little, a mini pod from around the campfire? We record some audio. We can, this is kind of what I vision my vision of the drone. Okay. So

Sun sun is coming up, the drone kind of overlooking, then it turns okay. And then my tent is just right there. Okay. And then it just kind of comes down and my tent is unzipped. And then as you know, the drone is coming into my tent. I just come up and I wink and I take a shot.

I like it. I think we can make that. Yeah, we can make that happen. That can be the opening scene. The highlight reel. Okay. So how about, okay, take a break here. On the off chance that we don’t come back to this podcast tonight, man, I’ll take a break. Maybe we’ll, maybe we’ll just be done. But this is the pre, the pre-trip diaries of our 16th annual guys, Oklahoma adventure camping trip, down in Beavers Bend, Broken Bow Ouchita Mountains. And if we don’t talk to you again, we’ll see it. We’ll see. We’ll see. We’ll see you on the post-trip diaries.

Jordan hates it. He’s rocking out to the ukulele.

Be sure to check out our post trip report!


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