Rooftop tents are awesome, sometimes very convenient systems. But they do have their own limitations. The Hitch Tent from Rubicon Expedition Products, seeks to counteract them by introducing a new hitch-based system – one designed to take all the convenience, comfort and adaptability of the rooftop rack and improve upon it. So instead of having to climb up on top of your car – and down in the middle of the night – you can just pop a very similar place to camp right out behind your car.

Why Hitch Tent?

Switching from a rooftop to hitch-mounted tent offers a number of advantages, such as more space for rooftop storage and dramatically lessened wind resistance (and the noise that goes with that).

Hitch-Tent-Rooftop-Tent-System02Another is the sheer convenience of being able to pitch a comfortable – and large tent – on whatever surface you decide to park – including rocky and uneven surfaces. Moving the tent from the rooftop to the ground will make that just a little bit trickier, but the Hitch Tent seeks to get around that problem using 4 independent, fully-adjustable legs and feet which allow you to get a level sleeping surface on uneven terrain. And it can be detached and setup away from the vehicle depending on your needs.

Heavy-Duty Build For Serious Adventures

The Hitch Tent is built for real overlanding adventures. As such, it needs to be durable. That’s why they built it from hot-rolled A36 steel and CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum. That’s serious stuff, and it allows the Hitch Tent to achieve a particular combination of lightweight and durability that’s essential for hauling around on your hitch (and makes it easy to take off the back of the vehicle when you want to setup a basecamp).

Want the best in durability and corrosion-resistance? You can upgrade to the Hardcoat Anodizing for machined components, including the central brackets and hinged brackets for the feet.

Rooftop Tent Compatible…Without A Hitch

While the Hitch Tent platform does not come with its own tent, getting the right one for your needs should be uncomplicated. The Hitch Tent is compatible with almost all two-person and three-person canvas rooftop style tents, giving you plenty of options. You can even install a rooftop mount and have your pick of sleeping arrangements, no matter the terrain.

The Hitch Tent is taking pre-orders now, and they expect to ship the first batch in the middle of September. It


won’t be cheap – clocking in at $1,199 for the base model – but it will be a sturdy, dependable platform for carrying and pitching your rooftop tent somewhere else besides the roof.

It’ll fit all 2” hitches without a…hitch.