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Old-Timey, Orange-Covered Rhodia Notebooks Look Worth Investing In

Rhodia Notebooks

A good notebook is a treasure. We’re not talking about those $3 disposable college ruled notebooks from the local office store, but a real hardcover journal – the kind you carry with you everywhere you go and jot down all your most treasured thoughts in. We’re talking about Rhodia notebooks.

For most people, Moleskine is the first notebook that pops into their head. And that’s understandable. But for many artists, thinkers and paper lovers, nothing can beat Rhodia. The French brand has been manufacturing top-quality writing paper and pads since 1934, with the original scored orange cover becoming its most recognized trademark. Almost nothing on the book has changed in the past 85 years.

Rhodia Notebooks Back

But while the cover lends familiarity and distinctive style, it’s usually the satiny smooth, almost luxurious paper that keeps people coming back for more. Your standard Rhodia notebook has 80 gsm paper, pure white, while some models have off-white 90 gsm stock. It’s acid free and ridiculously smooth to the touch, as well as thick and absorbent enough to work with virtually any pen (even the freest flowing fountain pen you have in that arsenal). You can choose from several rulings – from grid to dot grid, and even plain. And with micro perforations up top, each page tears cleanly and plainly from the pad and the page sheet below it. That stiff back cover provides a hard surface for writing on.

Whatever your use – drawing, note-taking or composing the next Great American Poem – Rhodia notebooks get it done, with style and class to boot. “Made in France” isn’t a bad selling point, either…and they are a good deal cheaper than a lot of other big name notebooks out there. A worthy addition to any loquacious EDC kit.

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