Everyone needs a stylish, versatile pen to either keep in their pocket for jotting down notes on the go or keeping at their desk for conducting business. Those in the know, know that LA-based design house and penmaker Inventery already crafts some of the best. We already really liked their Fountain Pen when it dropped last year – but while that pen caught our eye with its sleek build and classy aesthetic, the new Bolt Action Pen has intrigued us with its straight-up utility that manages not to sacrifice good looks.

The Bolt Action is machined from raw brass stock (using a single tungsten blade) and comes in three sizes as well as three colors – Onyx, Brass, and Brushed Chrome. Aesthetically, it strikes the perfect balance between form and function; it’s perfectly smooth and streamlined, with a single bolt action thumb-slider mechanism for deploying the tip, and a sturdy brass clip for clipping to your pocket.

That’s mainly what it’s intended for – wearing on your pocket and carrying with you every day. The large size may seem too large for some people to snap to their pockets, but the medium and small should work fine. Each uses a different size refill: large takes PilotG2’s, medium takes Schmidt P8126/P8127 capless rollerballs, and small takes D1. The clip is removable if you don’t want to carry it around and want something even sleeker. And when you retract the tip, the bolt action slams back into place with a crisp, satisfying snap.

The Bolt Action Pen comes neatly packaged in a box that is almost as cool as the pen itself, and makes an ideal addition to both your pocket and your desk.

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