Keychains can be annoying, and bulky. They’re unorganized, rattle everywhere, and the sharp edges of the keys stab into as you sit down. The KeySmart Extended is thus a welcome alternative; a convenient, organized and downright cool-looking EDC key holder.

The KeySmart Extended looks similar to a pocket knife, but instead of an assortment of tools, holds anywhere from 2-14 of your everyday necessary keys in neat, folding package. Gone is any annoying rattle or jingle; the keys stay quietly inside the handle until folded out, and don’t stab your or poke through the fabric of your pocket.

The end has a large loop for attaching larger key fobs, such as for your car, meaning that this is a truly an all-in-one, convenient solution. Putting in or removing keys is a breeze, with no tools required- simply unscrew the end cap using a coin, slide on the key, and screw it back on. Instant, easy, organization.  And of course, you can always attach all sorts of other accessories, from flashlights to bottle openers to USB drives.

The KeySmart comes in 4 different colors, and is made from machined aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s a worthy addition to your EDC kit and a huge headache-reliever.

KeySmart Extended Key Holder Features

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Holds up to 14 keys
  • No tools necessary; simply use a coin
  • Can attach flashlights, USB drives, other accessories
  • Eliminates rattling, jingling, stabbing from loose keys


KeySmart-Extended-Unfolded KeySmart-Extended-Action-Shot KeySmart-Extended-In-Pocket