When it comes to interior decorating, nothing is quite as versatile as wood; it’s classic and trusty, yet can also be modern and refined, and there’s almost no room in which it doesn’t work. That’s why we’re such fans of Grovemade and their wooden desktops and stands: they’ve taken classic wooden materials and turned them into completely modern, minimalist, functional pieces of furniture and accessories. The Grovemade Desk Shelf, for example, is made of 15-ply premium walnut plywood, and hand stained with Japanese ink. The result is a beautiful, modern workspace that works anywhere, and provides enough room and lift for two screens. Cork feet keep it firmly planted in place, and they make it in American maple, as well.

They’ve got a variety of similar Monitor Stands, which each support one monitor, as well as single-piece wooden Macbook docks. Actually, they make a whole array of accessories, from iPhone docks to keyboard trays, all of which are beautifully designed and crafted in Portland, Oregon, with all the dedication and precision you would expect. They don’t even stop at wood, and have a line of EDC accessories such as leather wallets, belts knives, and a lamp.  If you’d really like to splurge, they make an incredibly cool set of wooden speakers with built-in amps, which, for the price, hopefully sound as good as they look.

Grovemade makes just about anything you could want to decorate your home or office – so the next time you’re looking to redecorate, don’t settle for Ikea. Have some respect for your workplace, and go for Grovemade.

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