There’s a bunch of activity trackers and fitness wearables out there. How do you know which are worth dropping a couple hundred bucks on? And when are you better off going with just the basics?

Well – if you ask us – you’re always better off with just the basics. It’s important not to complicate things too much in the pursuit of staying fit. That’s why we find the Garmin VivoFit 4 attractive.

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VivoFit 4: 365 Days Of Battery Life

The Garmin VivoFit 4 is Garmin’s simplest, least-featured activity tracker. In fact, as one writer put it on ZDnet, it’s “most significant feature…is probably the year-long battery life from its user-replaceable SR43 batteries.”

Garmin-Vivofit-4-reverseThat long battery life means that one can go a whole 12 months without needing around a charging cable and allows you to wear it 24/7 – even while you sleep – without fear of the battery dying anytime soon.

Just about as simple as can be. It has basic silicone wristband with a tiny screen measuring a mere 11mm x 11mm that’s visible in daylight.


Auto-activity detection can tell when you’re running, biking, walking – and then automatically beams all that info to the Garmin Connect mobile app – where it can all be tracked in glorious detail and measured in a host of charts and graphs. Basic tracking features include a heart-rate monitor, calorie counter, step counter, and more.

Standard Wearable Features

The VivoFit 4 is also water-resistant for everyday wear and splashes, though certainly not recommended for diving into the pool. You can also customize and dress it up with different color bands as you see fit.

That’s it. Really not much to this activity tracker. But for a fraction of all the fancy gadgets out there? It’s a total steal.