Wearable Fitness Trackers have become very popular in recent years, allowing you to keep tabs on everything from your heart rate to calories burned to virtually any other stat you could want to know. There are trackers out there designed for running and even cycling, and now there’s one for CrossFit: NEXUS.

NEXUS is the first wearable tracker designed specifically for CrossFit. It collects much of the same data that regular fitness trackers do, but also tracks your movement in space, measuring your “external output.” It then uses fancy algorithms to analyze your movements and give you feedback to improve performance and conditioning.

First, to clarify: NEXUS is not its own device. It’s built off the PUSH tracker, which has been around for a while and is used by many different organizations out there. The special NEXUS-enabled PUSH tracker comes with a special NEXUS compression sleeve that fits right in with your workout clothes makes it easy to wear use – in addition to looking pretty cool. We all know how important that can be.

In the NEXUS app, you can choose from a selection of workouts (Girl, Hero or Open), or create your own. The device will then keep track and analyze all your movements within that workout to show you how you can improve. For example, it can give a visual guide of your pacing, keep track on exertion and max heart rate, and find work-to-rest rations that work for you and your recovery. More basic features include automatically tracking your reps and sets and tracking your exerted effort over the week. There’s also all the social sharing features you’ve come to expect so you and your friends can keep each other motivated.

If you’re looking for an easy method for tracking your CrossFit WOD’s, and to take your workouts to the next level, NEXUS could be a solid bet.

Nexus-Crossfit-Tracker-gear-patrol-lead-full NEXUS CrossFit Push Tracker