Do you suffer from phone addiction? You’re not alone. We all suffer from smartphone addiction to some degree, and those of who have tried to break that addiction…know just how futile our efforts can be.

Apps can be installed, settings can be changed, colors tweaked – but eventually, you find yourself right back where you came from: using your phone mindlessly and compulsively, often hours a day.


But if you’ve ever been tempted to chuck your smartphone and go back to that old flip-phone…but can’t get yourself to give up essential functions like Maps or music, there’s hope. It’s called the BoringPhone, and it’s on Kickstarter right now.

BoringPhone: All The Necessities, Nothing Else

Yes, really. This minimalist smartphone is called the BoringPhone, and it promises to take up less of your time and attention by taking away all the exciting and flashy things that make a smartphone so addicting – like games, movies, email, social media.

Instead, you get a simple, functional phone that does all the basic things you need it to – take calls, send texts, navigate on maps, etc. There’s even music and hotspot tethering. It runs off what they’ve deemed “BoringPhoneOS,” which is a modified version of the open source phone system LineageOS.

So what you get is the sleek shape, good looks and intuitive function of smartphone, but in a slightly-smaller and decidedly-less distracting package. You even get to customize the background – just like on any other smartphone!

What you don’t get is tons of unnecessary distractions and a device that occupies up to 30 hours of your time every week.

Coming Soon To US


The BoringPhone will work with all providers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand parts of Asia and Russia. If you’re in the US, it’ll only work with AT&T, Cricket Wireless, and H2O wireless, but could eventually catch on with other common providers.

If you want one, you can pick one up on Kickstarter for $349 NZ – or roughly $234 USD.

Compared to your typical smartphone – that’s a steal!