We love camping hammocks. They’re light, portable, easy to use and supremely comfortable, a great way to sleep in what is practically perfect comfort, at least compared to the cold ground. Their only problem is that sometimes, you just don’t have a place to hang one; they need two solid trees or posts (though sometimes you can get away with a couple of perfectly placed rocks).  The ENO Roadie offered a good solution for car camping – the only drawback being, you need a car. But now ENO (that’s short for Eagle’s Nest Outfitters) seems to have come up with another solution – the ENO Nomad.

The ENO Nomad is compatible with all ENO’s hammocks, and consists of two stands, constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy and weighing about 15 lbs. These sturdy stands are collapsible, held together by shockcord, and assemble much like a tent; they allow you to hang your hammock just about anywhere you wish, eliminating any need for trees, posts, or car, to set it up. A collapsible, solid ridgepole keeps the two ends firmly together and keeps them from caving in on you.  Field, campsite, beach – set them up anywhere you find some flat ground, and relax.

In the middle of the two stands, you will find some attachment points, daisy-chained together and allowing you to hang your hammock, your underquilt, a rain fly, or even hang your gear in order to keep it off the ground.

Everything packs neatly into a carry bag, resembling a camping chair in size. It’s too large for backpacking, unfortunately, but is easy to store in the car and carry to your campsite. So if you enjoy hammock camping but don’t want to sleep right next to your car, or deal with finding perfectly spaced trees, the Nomad has your back. Just kick back and relax.

eno_nomad_hanger eno_nomad_in_use eno_nomad_hanger eno_nomad_hanger