It’s no secret we love retro gear. It’s also no secret we love stuff made right at home in America. And that’s why brands like Period Correct always catch our eye. Period Correct is a fashion line – and auto and home accessory line – that draws inspiration directly from vintage auto and racing gear.

While “fashion” currently only means they offer a bunch of racing-inspired t-shirts, beanies and ball caps, and some tote bags, Period Correct has now gone ahead and created a whole line of garage tools and accessories that take their style from old-school automotive tools, such as toolboxes, gas canisters, and more. If you’re looking to turn your garage into a true old-school auto shop, this the stuff you need. Furthermore, every single piece of both clothing and equipment is made in America, much of it sewn and crafted right in Los Angeles.

Period Correct’s new auto accessories aren’t available online yet, but if you’re in the area, you can head to their showroom in Costa Mesa, California, where they’ve got all their apparel on display. We look forward to seeing the rest of it online when that time comes.

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