You’ve probably heard of Stone Brewing and their delicious brews out of Southern California. Did you know they make barbecue sauce? Yep. And mustard too. Stone Brewing Barbecue Sauce comes in several different flavors – Pasilla Pepper, Curry Mustard, Roasted Apple Chipotle, Levitation. And each of them features some authentic Stone Brewing beer right in them – Imperial Stout, Ruination Double IPA and Arrogant Bastard, respectively. There’s even Tangerine Express, named after their popular IPA, if you’d like some super tangy chicken on the grill.

They are made with all-natural ingredients (Levitation features some of that fiery Chile de Arbol, so be ready for some serious heat). Some flavors are even Scovie Awarding-winning. (The Scovie Awards are awards for Fiery Foods and Barbecue Sauces). So we bet their pretty good. Sounds like the perfect way to spice up your grilling and barbecue this summer if you’re a fan of Stone Brewing. Or if you really like beer and want to impart some of that taste on your food. Or if you just want a slightly different barbecue sauce with its own unique. Heck, these barbecue sauces sound delicious for anybody, except maybe BBQ purists.  Grab some of these with grilling season just around the corner. Maybe complement them with some of that delicious Stone Brewing Mustard.