If the thought of Jameson Cold Brew causes you a good deal of simultaneous excitement and consternation with you, you are not alone. Is it a coffee with whisky in it? A whisky with coffee in it? A whiskey-flavored Cold Brew Coffee? Or just a fancy take on the classic Irish Coffee – a warm drink for a chilly evening, if there ever was one.

As it turns out, Jameson Cold Brew is a little bit of all that. It’s a hearty blend of triple distilled Jameson with cold brewed Fair Trade Arabica beans sourced from Brazil and Colombia (where they grow the world’s best coffee), which results in a 70-proof beverage that provides all the “roasted coffee richness” you could ask for. The nose offers solid coffee aromas, along nuts and vanilla, while the palate offers “refreshing cold brew coffee followed by the charred wood from the pot stilled whiskey,” In Jameson’s own words. The finish is full-bodied and warm, like all good Irish coffees are.

Jameson introduced Cold Brew to capitalize on the popularity of cold brew (currently a massive thing right now, if you weren’t aware) as well as coffee-based drinks and cocktails. Think of it like a pre-made Irish Coffee and it doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

Sounds like a delicious treat to us – a perfect accompaniment for either breakfast (hey, it’s never too early, right?) or for warming up and relaxing on a chilly evening this fall. As of this moment, you’ll only be able to find Jameson Cold Brew in Ireland, but the famed Irish distillery does plan on releasing it here in the US next year if things go well.

Jameson-Cold-Brew Jameson Cold Brew