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Why Is The ICON Backpack Today’s Most Popular Techie Backpack?

INCASE Icon Backpack

You’ve invested quite a bit into your Macbook – monetarily and emotionally. You want to make sure it’s properly protected for all your travels – day-to-day and far away – and that makes a top-flight backpack necessary. That’s where the ICON Backpack come in.

ICON Backpack: Carry that MacBook In Style

From trusty gearmaker InCase – who makes gear for carrying the world’s best laptops, tablets and DSLR’s the ICON Backpack is the sleek, all-in-one tech backpack designed specifically for carrying a 15” MacBook Pro in its dedicated laptop sleeve compartment. The main compartment provides room for larger items while the smaller, secondary compartment provides the organizer pockets you need for carrying accessories like chargers, USB cables and headphones. There’s even room for an iPad, with a dedicated side pocket for sliding that tablet in and out. That all adds up for a total storage space of 17 liters.

In terms of construction, the ICON Backpack comes in a few different configurations. The first is the standard 840D nylon. The second is premium Woolenex  – a woolen polyester material that acts like just real wool, repelling moisture, drying rapidly, and resisting mildew and other chemicals. Highly abrasion resistant, it’s resists shrinking and stretching when it gets wet and needs to dry out.

Top-Quality Bag Ready For The Daily Grind

Available in Graphite, Heather Navy and Asphalt, InCase’s ICON Backpack is slim, sleek and well thought-out. Worth the price tag and ready for daily commuting.

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