Smoked meats are an absolute delicacy, and smoking your own meat can be a great way to relax on a long summer’s evening. But what happens when you want to do some of that delicious cooking and smoking on your next camping trip? You can’t exactly bring a full-size smoker with you…but you can pick up the Ziv’s Portable Smoker.

Ziv’s Portable Smoker weighs only 14 lbs., is made of lightweight but sturdy steel (even lighter than the C4 portable grill). It comes in a nice portable carry case (like a toolbox) and sets up in less than 3 minutes. Lift off the top, and put your food on the internal grate. The smoker can be heated in a variety of different ways – by putting smoke chips in through the dedicated slot, by placing it directly over the fire, or by hooking it up to a propane burner, which lets you have complete control over cooking time and temperature.

Simple, easy to set up and easier to use, Ziv’s Portable Smoker is a fantastic addition to any outdoor food lover’s kitchen kit.

ziv's portable smoker front ziv's portable smoker top ziv's portable smoker case ziv's portable smoker top