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ZipStitch Wound Care Kit Needs to Be in Your Gear Bag

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Sort of. Knowing proper first aid is an essential outdoor skill. You need to be able clean and dress wounds and other injuries when medical attention can’t get to you, and  in some cases, that could even require giving yourself stitches. A chore, which, to put it mildly, absolutely sucks. ZipStitch can make it easier.

According to ZipStitch, this is the only FDA-cleared, surgical-quality first aid, wound-closure tool you can get without a prescription. Essentially, instead of getting stitches, you use (after proper cleaning and disinfecting) two exceptionally-strong adhesives tightened and held together by tensioned zip ties, which close the gash tightly and stop the bleeding – just like stitches but far simpler, easier and faster. You then use a regular large bandage to cover it for better protection and faster healing.

The adhesives are designed and proven to last at least 7 days, giving you plenty of time to heal or seek out professional medical care. It’s also been proven (in 12 different clinical studies) to be 8x stronger than stitches and promote even better healing. The entire package fits neatly in your first aid kit or pocket and can be taken virtually anywhere you might need it: hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, sports.

Is it as good as proper medical care? For serious cuts and gashes, of course not. But for moderate ones – as well as larger ones when you’re nowhere near a doctor – it’ll get the job done in the meantime. And while the $30 price tag for one might seem steep, it’s nothing compared to a trip to the doctor – or your overall wellbeing. Care must be taken to apply it properly, of course, or it will not work.

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