Why get a bike trailer when you could just go ahead and get a whole cargo bike? That’s what Yuba Bikes, the makers of the Electric Supermarche, are asking. Yuba calls it “eight and half feet of cargo hauling happiness,” and it’s ready to carry virtually anything you could ask a bike to haul. Featuring a heavy-duty but lightweight aluminum frame, with Chromoly fork, has a 220 lbs.-payload on the front and 80 in the rear, for a total of 300 pounds.

To haul all that extra weight, you’re going to need some help, which the Electric Supermarche provides in the form of a Bosch Performance CX motor, which can turn out about 75 nm of torque and provides 4 levels of pedal assist. There’s a PowerPack 500 36V Lithium-ion battery powering that motor, which can last up to 55 miles on a single charge; actual distance will of course be affected by how much weight you’re hauling. A neat little Purion display shows your speed, distance, stats, etc.

Yuba doesn’t skimp on the features, either. It has “ultra-smooth” Dual Cable Steering, an adjustable cockpit and seat post, Magura Hydraulic disc brakes to the stop the 400+ pounds flying down the street, and an Enviolo internally geared hub. The gears are infinite ratio.

Furthermore, there are LED lights powered by pedaling, so they never run out of juice (at least, not before you do) and a double-sided kickstand to keep the load upright when at a standstill.

The Electric Supermarche fits up to 3 people. We imagine the hardest part of the setup would be what it is on a tandem bike: it’s hard to steer and has a bit of a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, this bike will take you and your buddies, as well as a ton of your gear (Yuba wants you to think coolers and other cookout gear) all around town. Cargo bikes are currently getting their moment, and you might as well jump in on it.

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