Main features of YETI Hopper M20 backpack soft cooler:

  • Hands-free, backpack-carry construction
  • Improved MagShield Access opening
  • An ergonomic, comfortable fit
  • Advanced ColdCell insulation
  • Durable, heavy-duty fabric
  • Puncture and UV resistant

Bringing your beer and sandwiches to the campsite is no longer a problem because modern soft coolers are also part backpacks. In other words, they will let you take provisions deep into the mountain by allowing hands-free hauling.

Yet, knowing which model to choose can be tricky because online retailers and land-based stores offer various options. Even so, you can’t go wrong with YETI coolers, especially the fascinating YETI Hopper M20 Backpack Soft Cooler.

This model ticks the boxes as the top choice, so we tested and reviewed its features. Here’s what we discovered.


Yes, we’ve all heard of YETI coolers because this relatively young American company took the world by storm when it appeared in 2006. Founded by brothers Seiders in Austin, Texas, YETI is now a publicly-traded company with over $1.4 billion yearly revenues.

YETI primarily focuses on stainless-steel vacuum insulated coolers and drinkware, but they also manufacture soft coolers and other accessories. So, if you are a beachgoer, water enthusiast, fishing enthusiast, or simply an outdoorsy person, YETI should be your cup of tea (but probably beer).


Transporting ice over longer distances has been an enigma for centuries. The invention of vacuum-insulated walls solved the problem, leaving us with another puzzle: how to know which cooler is the best?

Well, you’ll find the answer by comparing several top-rated models and evaluating the following points:


A durable and sturdy portable cooler is on everyone’s wish list because it will handle the most abuse as you carry it from one campsite to the other. For that reason, check the materials, fabrics, and stitching to buy the most resilient portable cooler money can buy.


Not all portable coolers are born the same, and some can carry more beer or frozen steaks than others. Everything depends on your style, the number of people in the group, and how many beers you can handle before hitting the floor. So, check the load volume before purchasing.


Another essential aspect of a portable cooler is functionality. Namely, the best models will offer easy access to the interior for effortless loading and unloading. The versatile YETI Hopper M20 will double as a backpack, offering hands-free hauling. Therefore, a well-designed portable cooler will make your life easier on the trail.


Finally, buyers should consider the costs because most portable coolers, especially those from YETI, come at a higher price. So, compare several models and read online reviews to make an informed decision. After all, the best portable coolers are not the ones you pay the most but who serve you the best.


Available in three color combinations and two sizing options, the YETI M20 backpack cooler is a part of the famous Hopper soft cooler series. Unlike the Hopper Flip, the M20 model features a backpack-style design and carries two extra pounds of ice (24 lbs vs. 26 lbs). On the other hand, the M20 cooler takes 18 standard-sized beer cans, while the Flip holds 20 cans.

In any case, YETI Hopper M20 is a rock-solid option for trips to the beach or a day on the lake. As YETI puts it, this cooler has got your back.


As expected from a YETI portable cooler, Hopper M20 relies on the famous ColdCell insulation to keep refreshments fresh. Essentially, this closed-cell foam technology is the secret sauce behind YETI coolers’ success and popularity.

With the ColdCell insulation, YETI Hopper M20 backpack soft cooler will lock in the cold and maximize thermal performance. Thus, if you use a 2:1 ice to beer cans ratio, 18 regular-sized cans will fit comfortably into this backpack/cooler.

Moreover, YETI recommends using their patented Thin ICE fills, ideal for soft coolers.


YETI Hopper M20 is one of the most durable soft coolers in 2022. The secret lies in the high-density DryHide Shell, a resilient fabric that will withstand UV rays or punctures. At the same time, this material offers more than enough flexibility to allow effortless usability.

In addition, the ultra-durable DryHide Shell features a mildew-resistant coating on the interior and exterior. As a result, the fabric will last longer, and you’ll get more out of your YETI Hopper M20 backpack cooler.

The situation with cleaning and maintenance is similar to the previous one. When empty, this cooler weighs only 4.8 pounds, and you only need to rinse it with soap and water. After that, dry the interior with paper towels or cloth to remove any grime or dust. In addition, you could flip it upside down and leave it open to dry.


As we said, YETI Hopper M20 comes in three colors, with the Navy Blue the trademark YETI option. Likewise, this model features the patented MagShield Access technology, an innovative closure with powerful magnets for a leak-resistant seal.

On top of that, the YETI Hopper M20 backpack cooler comes with padded, ergonomically designed shoulder straps. A convenient chest strap will help carry and reduce back pain and fatigue.

This cooler also features multiple attachment points for other YETI-compatible gear and equipment. The front area also has the minimalist YETI logo, while the rest of the backpack/cooler also has a sleek and elegant aesthetic.


Of course, YETI products are expensive, but they offer the best portable coolers in the world. So, if you need an ultra-durable cooler to serve you a lifetime, the easy-to-use YETI Hopper M20 Backpack Soft Cooler is a safe bet.

If, by any chance, you don’t like it, YETI offers free shipping, free returns, and a three-year warranty.