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The Yamaha Niken is The Tricycle Grownups Want

yamaha niken feature image

Yamaha was recently in attendance at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s looks like they’ve been having some fun with the new concepts. While there’s always been some very interesting rides out there, it’s been a while since we’ve seen an actual motorcycle with three wheels. In other words, a tricycle. The Yamaha Niken is a straight up tricycle. (Well, technically, it’s a leaning tricycle, but you get the point). It’s got two 15-inch wheels in front and one 15-inch wheel in the rear, powered by what Yamaha says will be a liquid-cooled, FZ-09 3-cylinder engine, with updated crank and fueling, and a decent 847cc. Each front wheel has its own dual, upside-down forks and shock absorbers. A six-speed transmission and slip-assist clutch will make riding a breeze and let you control exactly how it works.

The rest of the bike is based on the MT-09, made from tubular steel – stylish, modern and sportbike. What’s the point of two front wheels? Well, besides looking cool, two wheels up front provides greater stability and twice the traction, and if the video Yamaha released is to be believed, let you wind down some mountain roads more safely and precisely.  The cruise control, ABS, traction control and various ride modes ensure that. And contrary to previous reports, thing thing is more than just a concept; it’ll be out summer 2018.

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