Outdoor, off-road adventures often necessitate a lot of gear, especially when your embarking on a long expedition. And unless you’ve got an absolutely huge truck, you may just not have enough room for everything, especially once you’ve got a few passengers in the back seat.  Enter the XVenture XV-3, an off-road trailer built for the absolute toughest of expeditions (it’s marked “SEVERE-DUTY” on the side) but lightweight enough for smaller trucks, SUV’s and Jeeps.

The Xventure XV-3 is constructed entirely from aluminum, which allows it to be strong and sturdy while cutting down tremendously on weight.  If your car has 1500 payload capacity, you’re set. It has all the standard trailer features you could hope for, such as a front-wheeled jack, rear adjustable vertical stabilizers, and safety chains. It’s also DOT approved in all 50 states, meaning you can go anywhere your adventures take you. The 3-piece fenders function as steps, designed to support you as you reach for the cargo rack. The whole trailer is fully wired and ready for the road, and even comes with a 50 AH deep cycle battery and charger.

There’s also endless options for customization and storage space, and you can add things such as an 18-gallon water tank, cross bar or rack kit to hold a tent or awning, a water heater, propane tank, drum brakes – the things you can do with the XV-3 are nearly endless.

It certainly isn’t cheap, clocking in at $9995. But if you’re looking for a trailer to tow behind your SUV or Jeep and go pretty much anywhere, the XVenture XV-3 is a solid bet.



Buy - $9,995.00
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