It seems almost a bit presumptuous to say that the winter boot needs to be reinvented. Considering how indestructible Bean Boots are – using the original design from 1912 – and how many old-time explorers trekked to the deepest reaches of the Arctic with nothing but animal hides and down insulation, it might be safe to say that we’re doing just fine with traditional winter boot designs. Xnowmate decided to redesign it anyway.

According to Xnowmate, their boot is a combination of “the latest technology and design [in order] to achieve comfort and surprising features.” Apparently, that means a multi-layered boot that is lightweight and packable, waterproof, breathable and comfortably insulated for use in the harshest and coldest of conditions.

Xnowmate 3.0 is the third iteration of this innovative winter boot, as the name implies. The first model won an ISPO award in Munich when it was introduced a few years back – the first time any Spanish company won such a prestigious award. But the first few models weren’t very good for slippery, wet surfaces – or for wearing around town stylishly. The latest model seeks to solve those problems.

Waterproof, Technical Fabric

The Xnowmate 3.0 achieves it’s unique selling points using an outer layer of technical fabric, where all overlays are designed to eliminate any areas where water can seep through, and the seams are stitched with special waterproof fabric. Below that is a layer of B200 3M Thinsulate; moisture-repellent and breathable, it’s provides warmth down to -25F. Beneath that layer is a waterproof membrane, which keeps water and wind out while still allowing your sweaty feet to breathe and has heat-sealed seams to guarantee against leaks.

Lightweight Packability

This is perhaps the most interesting of the XnowMate’s selling points: these boots are soft and crushable and can be easily packed into any bag for bringing anywhere. Perfect for when you’re traveling to the cold  – but don’t need to wear the boots along the way.

Sturdy, Effective Rubber Sole

Rounding out this heavy-duty and effective design is the rubber sole, which packs in HyperGrip technology, combining both Icelock 3S tech and SnowLock into one ultra-grippy package. Icelock uses glass fiber pads, which have been “electrostatically aligned” into the rubber to create anti-slip surface tension (6 time stronger than normal outsoles, supposedly).

Snowlock uses a special rubber compound that is freeze-resistant, soft and tacky, and absolutely bomb at gripping onto snow. Or, as they call it, essentially snow tires for your boots.

This sole might be the part that grabs our attention the most.

Innovative Xnowmate Boot Now Available on Kickstarter

If you’d like to get a pair of 3.0’s for yourself,  you can back them on Kickstater – where they start for roughly $94 and will ship in October 2019.

For that price, we totally think they are worth checking out – the extreme traction rubber sole might be worth that price alone. They obviously won’t hold up the extreme demands of mountaineering or Antarctic exploring, but for everyday use in the dead of winter up north, they might do the trick.

Xnowmate-3.0-product-shot Xnowmate-Hypergrip-outsole