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Wynd Lets You Breathe Clean Air – Everywhere You Go

wynd air purifier

Air purifiers can be incredibly handy if you suffer from asthma or if you live in a place with subpar air quality. Usually, however, they are stationary devices; you set them up somewhere in your home, where they must be plugged into the wall and left to do their work. You can move them from room to room, sure, but can’t just pick it up and walk around with it. Unless you have Wynd, that is.

Wynd is the first portable, smart, air purifier we’ve seen. That’s most likely something you’ve never thought about getting for yourself, but it was bound to happen at some point. It works much like a regular home air purifier, absorbing ambient air and putting it through an electrostatic filter, capturing 99% of particles down to .03 microns in size. In case you’re wondering, that is 1/210th the size of a human hair.  An antimicrobial silver layer kills 99% of bacteria and viruses. It then releases this purified, clean air back into the room for you to breathe in easy.

Okay, so that’s cool. But what sets this thing apart from all the others? Well, this is 2017, and apart from being completely portable and able to go anywhere form your kitchen to your card to the office, the Wynd, unlike most other air purifiers, is a full-on smart device. It comes with the Wynd Air Tracker, a device resembling a USB drive that monitors the air quality in your room, and then connect to your phone via the Wynd app, which lets you actually track the air quality and adjust settings and speeds as you like. The battery lasts up to 8 hours of use, and the filters only need replacing every 3-6 months.

Sounds like a handy device, if you ask us – especially if you have asthma. You’ll be on your way to cleaner, fresher air in no time.

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