When you think of “tactical knives,” you normally think “big and bulky.” Not so with the B-2 Nano Blade Tactical Pocket Knife. Inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber military aircraft, the B-2 Bomber Nano Blade is the last everyday pocket knife you will ever need to carry. The mini tactical B-2 Bomber Nano Blade is designed with precision and detail that allows it to be extremely versatile in every survival situation.

The goal was to design a quality miniature tactical pocket knife that can endure the toughest daily tasks and also small enough to carry without notice.


  • Teeth to Tinder Fire-starting
  • Cut open boxes
  • Pry open cans
  • Screw in loose screws
  • Cut Paracord
  • Emergency Seat Belt cutting
  • Cutting fruit & food
  • Removing Staples
  • Carving wood
  • Stripping wire

Features of the B-2 Nano Tactical Pocket Knife

Urban Military Concept: All of our Bomber & Company products have a military design and tactical aesthetic.  The B-2 Nano Blade is engineered to hold durability and functionality similar to military grade equipment.

Blade: The blade is split with a serrated teeth edge as well as a sharp edge. The sharp edge is perfect for thin sharp precision slices whereas the teeth is perfect for tougher materials like wood. The B-2 Nano Blade uses the “Great American Tooth” pattern much like in traditional crosscut tree saws. The pattern was designed specifically to saw and rake wood fibers. The blade is also perforated to allow cutting and slicing of materials to not stick onto the blade itself. It provides a cleaner sharper cut.

Sizing: Discrete concealability is the definition of the B-2 Nano Blade. The full opened length is only 80mm and when closed, it stands at 48mm in length, 20mm in width (closed) and only 5mm thick. The miniature size of the pocket knife means it can easily be hidden in any coin pocket or clipped onto keychains without notice.

Weight: The ultralight weight of the B-2 Nano Blade comes in at less than 1oz making it the world’s lightest, fully functional, 440C stainless steel tactical pocket knife. 

Materials: 440C stainless steel allows B-2 pocket knives to be one of the strongest nano blades ever created by mankind. Rated at 58-60HRC the B-2 Nano Blade is extremely tough and will stay sharp for longer periods of use. 440C is a highly durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel. The B-2 Nano Blade can endure years of outdoor wear without extra maintenance to protect the blade from rusting.

Casing Design: The B-2 Bomber Nano Blade Pocket Knife embodies a full redesign of the vintage SR288 stock casing. Originally, this discontinued casing was used for full-sized pocket knives ranging from 5 to 9 inches. The reason we have chosen this stock casing is because of its ease of use, comfort, and reliability in tactical use. Our redesign of the stock casing has given the body a tremendous upgrade in quality as well as addressed the original flaws that didn’t make it a versatile knife.

We have upgraded the casing material to a heat treated 440C stainless steel and shrunken the size dramatically to a miniature version similar to its older brother. In addition, we upgraded the blade material to 440C stainless steel to achieve a 58-60HRC hardness scale.

Upon doing so, we were able to add the Great American Tooth pattern for “sawing” tougher materials like wood. Staying true to its size proportionally, the thickness of the casing comes in at 5mm. Ultimately, with the entire redesign, we were able to increase the overall mobility, strengthen the tactical utility of use, make it fully concealable by size, while maintaining a very comfortable hold and improving the military/tactical aesthetics of the entire pocket knife.

The B-2 Bomber Nano Blade is the world’s smallest and lightest tactical pocket knife ever to be created by mankind.


  • UltraLight Weight: < 1oz
  • Blade Length: 30mm
  • Blade Thickness: 1mm
  • Serrated Teeth: 7 total (two large and six small)
  • Serrated Teeth Style: Great American
  • Open Body Length: 80mm
  • Handle Length: 48mm
  • Closed Width: 20mm
  • Opened Width: 16mm
  • Blade Materials (Blade and Body): 440C heat treated stainless steel
  • Hardness: 58-60HRC
  • Color: Jet Black

Perfect addition to your EDC Gear.

Buy - $25.00
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