Bathing suits are usually pretty basic stuff. Board shorts or trunks made from some quick-drying synthetic material, designed to shed water. Sometimes they venture boldly into stylish territory, but few would ever call them pieces of art…until now. Now they come made from Merino wool, with Outerknown revealing their new Woolaroo Swim Trunks.

Merino wool Swim Trunks Outerknown 2

Merino wool has firmly established itself in the past decade as nature’s fabric of choice. So maybe it really is no surprise that somebody decided to make swimming trunks out of them. Being woven from 100% Woolmark merino wool means the Woolaroo are 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, as well as incredibly quick-drying. They’re also odor-resistant, naturally anti-microbial thanks to merino wool’s own natural properties.

On top of that, they’re supremely comfortable and incredibly stylish, with a classic shape that’s slimmer than boardshorts but still casual. Outerknown even claims that the more they get beat up, the better and more broken in they look – and pitches them as a nostalgic throwback to when clothes were considered investments and trunks had to “stand up to…the nomadic lifestyle of a surfer.”

For those of us who have worn cheap, baggy boardshorts with floral prints our whole lives…that sounds appealing and maybe even a bit exotic. But it’s exactly the kind of philosophy we always preach when it comes to buying and choosing gear.

So hey – why not give the worlds’ first Merino Wool swimming trunks a try?