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Just for Fun: Make Stuffed Waffles with the Wonderffle

Wonderffle Stuffed Waffles

What’s the difference between stuffed waffles and regular waffles with all your favorite toppings inside? Maybe nothing too material, but properly-done stuffed waffles can have a lot more filling and come out a lot better done. If it’s chocolate, for example, the chocolate comes out gooey and perfectly melted. Blueberries? You get a nice big oozing pocket of berry in the middle. Raspberries? Your favorite jam? Chicken? Sure – they’ll work.

All that and more can be done with the Wonderffle – the original stuffed waffle iron. Made from heavy-duty cast iron that’s pre-seasoned and non-stick out of the box, it’s a serious piece of hardware, and not just a gimmick.There are three pans – top, bottom, and a middle pan, which inserts between the two more standard pans. This middle section connects the two sides, and serves as place to add your favorite toppings right to the middle of the waffle. It also makes the sidewalls come out thicker and stronger, and makes it easier to remove the waffle when it’s done. And since it’s cast iron, the waffles are evenly cooked, all the way around.

The possibilities are endless.  Make egg waffles with sausage and veggies for a healthy, omelette like breakfast – or recreate something similar to your favorite breakfast sandwich. Wonderffle even displays some kind of chicken fajita waffle for when you’re feeling really adventurous.

Cast iron will also work on essentially any cooking surface: gas, electric, induction, campfire, the oven. So you can use it to make some Sunday morning breakfast or to cook up delicious waffles at the campsite.  And we’d expect it to last essentially forever.

Yeah, it’s just for fun – but that’s why we love it.

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