The Wolverine 1000 Mile series is the flagship collection from one of America’s best footwear brands; they’ve been making bombproof, rugged leather boots in Rockford, Michigan for over 130 years, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. The 1000 Mile 1940 Boot is the latest addition to the line – sort of. You might say it’s one of their first – built upon on a designed dated 1940 and dug out of the Wolverine archives.

The upper is made of Horween leather and uses a “seamless-contour back” that is “cut to copy your ankle” with multiple leather colors, and a moc-toe appearance. You can choose from one of 3 leathers – 3 colors, Natural (Nantucket Leather), Tan (Essex Leather), and Black (Chromexcel Leather), each of which looks equally beautiful. (But we’re partial to the leather – a distinct tan leather, to be sure). Natural and Tan are both vegetable-tanned, and neither uses any dye. Round rawhide laces finish the package up top.

Down below, the 1000 Mile 1940 Boot uses a Goodyear welt and construction, which lets you resole the boot endlessly, as well as a Butyl-treated leather outsole with Vibram® heel – ensuring you aren’t slipping and sliding everywhere. There’s also a 3/4 leather sock insert with the Wolverine logo embossed.

Now, these boots are anything but cheap. But if you try on a pair, you’ll see why they aren’t; beautiful leather boots with a (literally) design from a tried-and-true American leather bootmaker. That’s enough to convince us. Goes well with jeans, chinos, or, if you really want to stand out – a suit. And whatever you decide to throw at these things, you can be assured they’ll be up to the task.

Buy - $415.00
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