The fast pace of life dictates special rules for all areas. This also applies to food. Meals should be tasty, easy to cook, and varied to maximize your health benefits. That is why Chinese wok noodles have gained so much popularity. Now you can try this dish in many restaurants, as well as cook it yourself at home. Read the information about this dish and try to cook it yourself!

Features of Cooking Wok Noodles

Many people ask themselves – where did the Chinese noodles get such an interesting name? The whole secret is in the peculiarities of cooking. For this purpose, you must use a special wok pan. It differs from other kitchen utensils because it has a thick bottom and high round walls. Thanks to this design, products acquire a unique, special taste, while maintaining their useful properties. If you have not seen such utensils before, you can check the professional woks by Yosukata that are a great cookware for the purpose.

Useful Properties of Wok

Wok dishes are suitable for absolutely everyone: for adults and children, for vegetarians and meat-eaters, etc. Wok dishes are absolutely universal! The beauty of them is that you can assemble your box using a wide variety of food combinations. The basis is noodles (any type available: wheat, buckwheat, rice). By the way, rice noodles are no less in demand – such noodles are also very tasty and satisfying.

As additions, you can use:

  • beef;

  • pork;

  • chicken;

  • rabbit;

  • fish;

  • seafood;

  • mushrooms;

  • vegetables.

Of course, the sauce is added to the boxes to add spice. This is usually a sweet and sour sauce, but there are also other options available. For example, Teriyaki sauce is rather popular, so don’t limit yourself with a choice.

Several Wok Recipes

Try making famous WOK dishes at home. You will need a special pan and your favorite ingredients. Prepare food – wash and chop meat, fish, mushrooms, or vegetables, whichever you choose to use. Then fry the ingredients. Decide which sauce you want to add. The last step is to cook the noodles or rice. First, boil until half cooked (if it is noodles) or fully cooked (rice), and then fry in a wok pan for 2-3 minutes, add vegetables, meat, and other ingredients. Serve immediately with your favorite sauce.

You can use a wide variety of Chinese food combinations. For example:

  • egg noodles with salmon in tomato sauce;

  • udon with beef and pork;

  • rice with seafood;

  • buckwheat noodles with vegetables and tonkatsu sauce;

  • egg noodles with pork and mushrooms in sweet and sour sauce.

As mentioned above, you can easily prepare the listed options yourself. But if you decide to order Chinese noodles or rice at the restaurant, get ready to wait for 60-90 minutes. Then, you can already taste an amazing dish, while spending quite a little money!