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Internet Privacy A Concern? Winston Wants To Help


We hate to be alarmist.  But the more “connected” our lives are, the more your personal info and data is collected and beamed across the Internet. The proliferation of smart devices, wearables and advanced phone tech means almost everything is tracked. Sometimes this info used for good and helps make your daily life just a little more convenient. Sometimes, you have no idea what they use it for. If you’re cool with the perks of added sharing and less privacy on the web, great. But if you’re not…you might want to check out Winston.

Winston: Hardware Filter For Browsing Activity

Winston is a “hardware filter” that aims to protect your privacy by blocking hidden ad tracking and cookies and “scrambling” your data, making it harder to read and track across the web. These measures have a myriad of benefits – from blocking pop-up ads to disabling the cookies that let airfare sites bump and modify their ticket prices based on your browsing activity. It encrypts your data so ISPs, hackers and Big Tech companies have trouble collecting and tracking it, and hides your physical location – just like an VPN.

Unlike many VPNs, however, Winston does not collect any personal or browsing data. But it still lets you use all your favorite streaming sites and other services. It works with virtually any device in your home – from Echo to smart fridge to laptop – but sets up in under a minute with its plug-and-play design.

On IndieGogo Now

There’s a whole host of additional options and fancy technical features, so you can create your own online experience. If that interests you, you can back Winston on IndieGogo for as little as $359. It’ll ship December 2019.

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