Energy bars and protein bars are delicious, and perfect for on-the-go snacking or refueling during long, grueling hikes or workouts. They’re also loaded with sugar. Carbs might be serious go-to for quick energy, but if you’re just chowing down endlessly on sugar for days in a row, you’re eventually going to crash – and feel worn out, instead of re-energized. That’s (just one reason) why there are so many healthy, all-natural energy and snack bars hitting the shelves these days. And this week, we’re looking at Wild Zora.

Wild Zora was started in 2013 to bring all-natural, Primal food to the backpacking world. And it does something that – as far as we know – no other backpacking/snack food does: it combines meat and veggies, for a complete meal.

So if you grab one of their Apple Pork meat and veggie bars, for example, you’ll be chowing down on dehydrated, natural pork raised completely without antibiotics or hormones, with kale, apple, apricots, dates and a whole bunch of herbs and spices (parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme, sea salt and cinnamon). .

Try their BBQ Beef Bar, and you’ll be digging into some delicious grass-fed beef jerky with Red Bell Pepper, Tomato and some dang-good BBQ spices (Chipotle Pepper and Ancho Chili Pepper, among others).

They’re all entirely Paleo-certified, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, and milk-free. No nuts/peanuts/tree nuts. No MSG or chemical additives. So if you’re, like, really into eating healthy, there’s practically no other snack that will do for you.

It’s the easiest (and tastiest) way to get all your protein AND nutritious veggies on the go.