A good pen can be a life-changing instrument.

Sure, you can get by with your typical Staples-sourced Bic pens or a 6-pack of ballpoint clickers. But when it comes to doing real work – important work – it’s time to upgrade to something substantial. A quality pen. One that will last a lifetime and make leaving beautiful, personalized John Hancock’s smooth, easy and downright classy.

Mont Blanc and Pilot may get more name recognition…but if you’re looking for a classic, classy and all-in-one luxurious ballpoint or fountain pen, you’d be short-changed if you overlooked Waterman.

130+ Years of Waterman Pens

Like all the best penmakers, Waterman has a long history. Established in 1884 in New York City, Waterman was one of the first fountain pen makers in the world. Mr. Lewis Edson Waterman decided, after a leaky fountain pen cost him a big sale, to go out and create his own fountain pen. His first one used the Three Fissure Feed System, which was the first pen system to prevent accidental discharge of ink when not in use.


In 1899, Waterman invented the Spoon Feed, which prevented ink from overflowing. In 1904, they were the first penmaker to actually use the now ubiquitous pen clip.

Throughout the rest of the 20th century, they became one of the top penmakers in the world – leading the way in pen design and building themselves a name for luxury and quality.

These days  after changing hands several times – Waterman is headquartered in Paris – where they continue to combine traditional ballpoint and fountain pen styles with a modern engineering and luxurious craftsmanship.

The best part? They’re not all expensive. There are many Waterman models you can pick up for less than $100 that still combine elegant aesthetics with top quality and smooth writing.

Perspective: Modern Style Meets Classic Luxury

Our personal favorite? The Waterman Perspective. Designed in France, this elegant beauty finds the perfect balance of modern and timeless style, with a “clean and modern silhouette inspire by the geometry of the cityscape” and beautiful engraved metal accents. There’s a telescoping metal grip and a “geometric patterned wide central ring,” as well fine, detailed engraving all over the nib.

Available in Rollerball, Fountain and ballpoint writing modes…the Perspective is a classy writing piece that will instantly level up your handwriting game without breaking the bank.

Other beautiful Waterman pens you may want to add to your office shopping list include the Carene and the Hemisphere.