White whiskey? That exists? Bib & Tucker Small Batch White Whiskey is in a unique class in itself.

Yup, but if you had no idea it even existed, you’re not alone. You may know it better under the name “moonshine” – but made legally, and with a few key differences.

White whiskey has been gaining popularity over the past few years, and everybody from Jim Beam to Buffalo Trace has been getting in the game and introducing their own flavors of white whiskey. Yet, most people couldn’t tell it apart from a glass of vodka.

Whiskey is aged in barrels, which gives it its signature dark color and flavor. White whiskey is simply whiskey that hasn’t been aged, bypassing the oak barrel and heading straight for the bottle. (Technically, it sits in the barrel for up to 24 hours, or it couldn’t earn the honor of being called whiskey. 24 hours, however, isn’t enough to impart any color). Instead of the traditional, comfortably smoky beverage we all know and love, you get a clear drink with apparent grain flavor.

Bib & Tucker Make a Mean White Whiskey

Bib & Tucker just released their new White Whiskey this Spring. Produced by 3 Badge Beverage Company out Sonoma, California, Bib & Tucker received high marks for their bourbon when they first released it in 2015, and their white whiskey looks almost as tantalizing.

The White Whiskey is a sweet spirit, and, like bourbon, is dominated by fresh corn, malted barley and dry rye. The taste has hints of maple syrup and pancakes, with hints of juniper and fresh vanilla rounding out the aftertaste.

All in all, it’s similar to regular whiskey, but much lighter in flavor. At the same time, it’s more powerful and flavorful than similar clear drinks, like vodka or gin.

If you’re looking to try something a little different, but aren’t ready to diverge too far from your drinking habits, grab a bottle of Bib and Tucker and try it out this evening.

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