We need more laughter in the world–and cleanliness. Why not combine social commentary, laughter, and soap to result in the best gifts on the market. Whiskey River Soap is the perfect gift for that obnoxious co-worker, uncle, son, etc. Why waste money on a tie they won’t wear or a scarf that makes her barf?
The sarcastic labels are wrapped around each unique bar of handmade soap (sizes vary). So you aren’t getting some cheap soap that is made in China. All soaps are made in the USA–not sure about the labels though.

Some of Our Favorite Whiskey River Soap Labels

  • Soap for a Man’s Man: Smells Like Alaska. Which, I guess, smells like wet bear fur and salmon. Yum.
  • Soap for Being Awesome: Smells Like a Cool Story, Bro. No really. I loooove hearing every single detail about that one time.
  • Soap for Dad Bods: Smells Like Cookies & Cable Sports. Hey, it’s not your fault if chicks are into it.
  • Soap for Debbie Downers: Scented With rampant Pessimism. Shoots down even the idea of dirt.
  • Soap for Fake News: Smells Like Drinking the Kool-Aid. No wonder everyone has their heads in the sand.
Whiskey River Soap Co. has a very large selection of soaps, bath bombs, candles, and journals which will bring laughter to your gift-giving occasion. Some are a bit edgy but spot on for probably many people we all know. Their products exude sarcasm, and we love it. Join the prank gift givers and make a statement around the office.




Whiskey River Soap Samples Whiskey River Soap Samples Whiskey River Soap Samples