Is Refilling Ink Cartridges a Good Idea?

OEM cartridges are notoriously expensive. Refilling is a possible solution, but printer brands view it as inadvisable and even risky. Is there any truth to their claims?

Professional vs. DIY

Refilling is not limited to DIY tutorials. An entire product category is built on it. For example, the Canon 245 246 Ink cartridge replacement includes two refilled cartridges. Many third-party stores selling compatible ink have a separate range of remanufactured products.

It is not necessary to tinker with your own cartridge at home or take it to a refilling station. You can order recycled supplies online with the same benefits as original products. For example, Smart Ink provides free shipping across Canada, certified quality, and a two-year warranty. Compare this to DIY refills.

Risks of DIY

Refilling requires skills and precision. Amateurs make mistakes resulting in cartridge and printer damage — sometimes, permanent. For example, if you inject too much ink, it will leak inside the machine, clogging the print heads. Cartridges have sensitive elements that must not be touched. Without professional assistance, you risk breaking your equipment.

You cannot expect to refill the same shell all the time, as quality will inevitably deteriorate. Professional remanufacturers refurbish cartridges that have only been used once. They are durable and certified.

Finally, at-home refills are always messy. You could spoil your hands, clothes and work area. Ink stains are a nightmare to wash off.

Pros of Professional Refilling
  • Sustainable choice

Are you concerned about your carbon footprint and waste? Recycling reduces the impact on the environment, as fewer plastic and electronic components end up in landfills. You do not have to buy a brand-new cartridge every time you run out of ink.

  • Cheaper

The most salient advantage is the opportunity to save 20% or more per purchase (depending on the model). Savings are particularly impressive for inkjet printers, as they need more frequent replacements. Over a year, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  • Guaranteed quality

With professional remanufacturing, there is no need not worry about the quality of workmanship or ink. Trustworthy brands refill cartridges with products of certified quality. Typically, you can find references to such international standards as ISO, STMC, Reach, and CE.

Thus, you should not notice any major differences in print quality. In this regard, remanufactured products are just as reliable as their compatible and OEM counterparts.

  • Availability

Remanufactured cartridges are sold online in specialized stores and marketplaces. You can have them delivered right to your doorstep for free.

To Sum Up

Cartridge refilling is a great option when it is done by professionals. You can save money, reduce waste, and enjoy an excellent quality of printing for years. Instead of messy and risky DIY refills, opt for ready-made products. Thanks to remanufactured cartridges with free shipping, sustainable printing is more accessible than ever.