Western Rise, created at 8750′ Altitude is based in Telluride, Colorado, and bills itself as a performance clothing brand that knows a thing or two about outdoor adventure. They’ve got a whole line of fantastic, durable products made from hi-tech materials, such as their AirLoft Quilted Jacket, and the AT Slim Rivet Pant, which are made of two-way stretch nylon rated to UPF 50+. They’ve also got a pretty sleek slim parka, called the Bitter Creek Anorak Jacket.

The Bitter Creek Anorak Jacket is a classic anorak (that’s the kind of parka invented by the Inuit, in case you’re wondering), with the customary hood, pockets and drawstring design. It’s made of a 20k Waterproof fabric, with fully taped seams, keeping water out and you as dry when the weather gets wet. The fabric is also rated to UPF 50+, adding a good layer of sun protection should the weather be sunny, instead. The gusseted collar makes it extra durable, while the adjustable hood makes it super comfortable. The core venting, combined with breathable fabric, make for a breathable, cool piece of outerwear.

Western Rise has included ample storage, too, with a large front hand pocket, two smaller chest pockets, a large back pocket. The cuffs are PU waterproofed, and the bottom draw-cord cinch ensures no water gets in from underneath, either.

Highly versatile. Comfy and breathable. And with damn good looks. The Bitter Creek Anorak is a jacket that looks baller in any outfit, but promises to keep you cool and dry. Each and every jacket is made ethically with carefully sourced materials.

If you like it, better hurry up. Once an item sells out, Western Rise won’t make any more, opting to create other designs. So act quick.

Western_rise_bitter_creek_anorak_jacket_1 Western_rise_bitter_creek_anorak_jacket_2 Western_rise_bitter_creek_anorak_jacket_3 Western_rise_bitter_creek_anorak_jacket_4 Western_rise_bitter_creek_anorak_jacket_5