Warby Parker glasses were first created with one purpose: to create high-quality, stylish, prescription eyeglasses at a fraction of the usual designer prices. That’s where it all started, and they’ve gone on to become one of the most popular brands of glasses in the last few years, designing all their own glasses themselves in-house, and selling them directly themselves online.

Their glasses start at as little as $95, and you can try up to 5 frames on at home – free of charge. Choose the one you like best and send the rest back. You can also hit up one of their brick-and-mortar showrooms in select cities. They’ve got almost every option you can imagine – metal frame, plastic, tortoise shell. Big, small, round, square, fancy. Sunglasses or prescription. You want it, they got it.

For prescriptions, you can choose between the standard single vision glasses, with their one large corrected field and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, or the progressive, which correct multiple fields of vision. Which you need, of course, will depend on what your doctor prescribes for you.

There are two lens options available. The standard clear lenses, which are coated with a superhydrophobic, anti-reflective coating and scratch-resistant treatment, and offer 100% protection from UV rays. The second are light-responsive lenses, which change from clear to grey when hit with UV sunlight. They offer the same hydrophobic coating, scratch-resistance, and UV protection, but add a layer of comfort from the bright sun, cutting down on glare and eye fatigue.

A selected option: Hardy glasses, made from hand-polished cellulose acetate, with a sloped rectangular eye frame and custom keyhole bridge. The result is a pair of glasses that are both classically familiar and unique.

Which is, actually, the image that Warby Parker evokes; classic yet modern. Combine that with low prices and insanely easy ordering, and what else could you ask for?


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