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Is Walmart’s Carbon Fiber Bike Worth It? Exploring the Hyper Carbon X 26”

Walmart Hyper Carbon X

If just the thought of Walmart and bike together in the same sentence causes you concern, you are not alone. Making that Walmart bike a carbon fiber bike seems even more ludicrous. But it’s not a joke: Walmart makes a Carbon Fiber bike, called the Hyper Carbon X 26”. And it’s not nearly as bad as you think. Here’s what we think of this big-box store carbon fiber mountain bike.

The Good: At $448 for an entire setup, ready to ride down some trails, the Hyper Carbon costs way less than most carbon fiber frames alone. It’s a hardtail and designed for all-terrain mountain biking.

It’s hardly the lightest carbon fiber MTB out there, clocking in at 31 pounds with everything – but the frame itself weighs only 2 pounds, 13 ounces. And for the price, it’s not bad quality at all; the frame is stiff enough while still providing enough dampening to ride on all sorts of trails (though it is mostly at home on easy, non-technical terrain). The front and rear disc brakes are pretty nice, too.

The Bad: The Hyper Carbon X is heavy – like we said. And most of the components really aren’t good; the 26” wheels and tires are slow and heavy, and desperately need to be swapped out for something larger and lighter if you plan on doing any real mountain biking. Why go to all the effort of making a carbon fiber and then make it a 26’er? That makes it essentially a toy.

The Shimano drivetrain, while not bad by any means, is also and slow. Actually, that’s kind of the theme with this bike; bulky and heavy.

The Verdict: if you like tinkering and making your own custom rides, it might be worth buying the Carbon X just for the carbon frame and then just ditching all the components. $400 is not bad for a carbon fiber frame. Then, you could just switch out all the components (even the wheels) for lighter, faster, nimbler pieces. Maybe even keep the disc brakes, which aren’t bad by themselves. The frame is likely the most durable part of the package.

So, if you want a real performing bike for serious offroading – we’d probably pass. But truth be told, it’s nice to see an affordable bike at any rate, as many good mountain bikes are just getting too expensive these days. Maybe that was Wal-Mart’s plan, all along.

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