Main features of Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger:

  • Technical knit fabrics
  • Relaxed fit
  • 4-way stretchiness
  • Tapered leg and cuffs
  • 28-inch inseam
  • Elastic waistband with a drawcord
  • Zippered pocket

Even though Vuori is a young brand, the company deserves all the hype that surrounds it these days. After all, quality products for an affordable price in the men’s leisurewear sector are not easy to find, and we now have a go-to brand.

For instance, Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger is the perfect example of what this new kid on the block can do. Stylish yet functional, these joggers are a dream come true for active gentlemen out there. If you don’t believe us, here’s the proof.

Premium-Quality Fabric

Launched in 2015, Vuori is all about putting a new perspective on modern performance apparel. From Encinitas, California, the company runs a result business across the United States, and they recently received a $45 million boost to expand further.

So, it’s not surprising to see that Vouri Sunday Performance Jogger features the best fabrics and the latest technologies. Namely, these joggers come with a mid-weight technical knit fabric, a fresh take on materials used in the athleisure market.

Relaxed Fit

As we all know, joggers should strive for comfort above anything else. So regardless of whether we go for a morning run or spend the day binging our favorite TV shows, joggers must be as comfortable as possible.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger provides complete freedom of movement thanks to a relaxed fit. More precisely, the tapered leg and cuffs sit at the ankle, but you’ll feel no discomfort or restriction in the thigh area or around the knees. Also, we shouldn’t forget to mention the elastic waistband with a sturdy drawcord. So, you can adjust your jogger’s waist with no hassle.

Spacious Pockets

Despite their initial purpose, modern joggers are more than running gear. Moreover, many teens and young ones wear them all day long, on all sorts of occasions. For that reason, Vuori worked hard to create attractive yet functional joggers for everyday use.

For example, they focused on creating deep and high-quality pockets. From what we’ve seen, this mission was a complete success because Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger offers substantial room for hands or smartphones. Speaking of mobile devices, we should also note that this model comes equipped with a zippered compartment on the left leg. So, you can use this pocket to store your essentials while training or jogging.

Should You Buy It?

At the end of the day, buying Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger is an investment in happiness. This model offers excellent characteristics, with comfort being the crucial one. Also, Vuori keeps the prices with industry standards, even though their fabrics follow the latest sustainability practices and methods.

So, when we draw the bottom line, it’s clear that Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger is a no-brainer. You’ll never regret buying these joggers because they will provide years of comfort and warmth.