When the Google Glass were first introduced, most people had the same thought: what good do they do? To be fair, they have their uses, but for most of us, they were simply no use in our everyday lives. Too gimmicky, too expensive. And while a host of competitors have also tried to make a comparable product, most end up being in the same vein: expensive, and not very practical. Maybe that will change with the new Vue glasses.

Vue glasses are the first smart glasses designed for use as prescription glasses. Now that’s something useful. They look just like any other pair of prescription glasses – casual, a bit stylish, and not anything you’d be embarrassed to be seen wearing in public (like some other smartglasses offerings). As of now, they come in 2 styles, named Classic and Trendy, and with both regular and sunglass models. From there, you can choose from a lineup of colors and trims, such as Black with Wood or Carbon Fiber. Just order your prescription lenses as usual.

And in terms of smart features, what can they do? Most of the typical stuff you’ve come to expect in the smart device world, like hands-free calls, text alerts, etc. There is also the now-customary activity tracking, counting things such as your total steps, calories burned and distance through the day.

The most unique feature, however, is their audio capability. No, there are no “speakers” embedded in these glasses. Instead, Vue glasses use bone conduction technology to transmit stereo sound to your inner ears. Now, that’s cool. That’s how you listen to music or take and make calls, and you can use them for notifications and even to listen navigation directions while on the road.

Controls are courtesy of a touch interface, embedded right into the frames. Taps, double taps, long holds and swipes are the method of choice here, and there’s no buttons (or ports), so these things remain sleek, subtle and, actually useful.

So what do you think? A pair of smart glasses you might actually use, for only $249? You can pre-order a pair of Vue glasses now.

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