It appears Vollebak is attempting to one-up Flint and Tinder’s 10-Year Hoodie with their 100 Year Hoodie. It’s made from Kevlar, which is in turn made from aramid, the same material used lots of spacesuits, aircraft carriers and body armor. Aramid has a strength to weight ratio that is  5 times stronger than steel, but can be woven into a soft fleece; this thing is not only built to last, but feels as comfy and soft as it can be. If the video on their site is anything to be believed, the 100 Year Hoodie can handle being dragged behind a truck, a speedboat, and attacked with an angle grinder and blowtorch. Impressive.

Vollebak also did something a little different with this hoodie – they left the aramid fibers completely raw and undyed, and that pale yellow shade is its natural, untouched appearance. Over time, as the fabric is exposed to sunlight, they will change color and darken, taking on an aged, worn-in appearance.

Features of the Vollebak’s Raw 100 Year Hoodie

  • Made from DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber
  • 100% Kevlar® Rib at cuffs, hem and underarm panelling
  • The fabric will change color in reaction to daylight and direct sunlight
  • Fully lined hood
  • Rubberized zip with puller
  • Heavy duty drawcord with rubberised ends
  • Front kangaroo pocket with cover-stitch detailing
  • Cool wash max temp 40°
  • Slight shrinkage may occur after washing
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Milled in the USA. Constructed in Europe.

All that, and it still looks like that regular old hoodie that you’ve been wearing for longer than you remember. Yes, it’s pricey for a hoodie,  but come on – it’ll be the last one you ever buy.




Buy - $295.00
100 Year Hoodie rear 100 Year Hoodie Hood 100 Year Hoodie Profile 100 Year Hoodie Closeup 100 Year Hoodie Closeup